Top 5 Green Gadgets for Guys

Eco-design blog Inhabitat has teamed up with Gilette to create this list of gadgets, each with style and a small footprint. Looking over the collection, I think most gents can safely say, “Yes, I’d want that.” And while the care that goes into making each one is reflected in the fetching price, they’re actually not completely unaffordable. Certainly, you’d get what you paid for.   

   “Our increasingly connected world has borne a booming crop of gadgets, however today’s guy can be easily beleaguered by unnecessary or poorly-conceived tech — which all too often finds its way into landfills. Great green design for guys has to hit a sweet spot between efficiency, utility, and classic charm, so we’ve rounded up some of our favorite gadgets that go the distance and leave a light footprint to boot.”

 Top 5 Green Gadgets for Guys | Inhabitat