3 Books That Will Turn You Into a Cocktail Connoisseur

There comes a time in every man’s life when, offering a rum and coke to your guests simply doesn’t cut it. You may be able to fake your bar knowledge with a few recipes from Google, but that can only last so long. Like a scout needs a map to wander the world , a true modern connoisseur needs some solid cocktail books to guide his journey.

This roundup will take your bar skills to a whole ‘notha level. Let’s get to it!

created at: 04/15/2013

1: The Craft of the Cocktail. This crazy-acclaimed book has 500 of the best cocktail recipes of our time. It is written by one of the most prominent mixologists in America, Dale DeGroff (better known as the “King of Cocktails”). If you’re looking to purchase one mighty guide, make it this one. It’s the affordable Britannica of drinks (only $24, yes!), and as the cover says: “You’ll be ready to host legendary cocktail parties” (hello adulthood).

created at: 04/15/2013

2: A Gentleman’s Guide to Cocktails.  “A definitive catalog of the most suave cocktails” – that pretty much sums it all up. Let’s just say that if James Bond came to your house and saw this book – he’d be impressed. With a price tag of $15, this is yet another affordable guide that should not be missed. It contains 150 retro/cool hand-picked recipes by Alfred Tong (who, by the way, also wrote this great list of cocktail principles for Mr. Porter). Best of all, it covers the classics (Bloody Mary anyone?) which is the best way to get started on your new – more dapper- party attitude. If you’re into the whole Mad Men vibe, this is your book.

created at: 04/15/2013

3: Vintage CocktailsI know what you’re thinking “Pink sugar on the rim? K, peace” but don’t be deceived! This book is seriously cool (and a babe magnet, no joke). It is the priciest choice in this roundup ($50 ish), but for one good reason (or two): it was named the Best Cocktail Book in the World by the Gourmand World Cookbooks Award and, the presentation and design in each recipe are pretty amazing (a must-have for photographers and foodies alike). It serves as the perfect guide to prepare vintage cocktails, but it also works great as a coffee table book. Win-win!

So, are you going for dapper and mod? Vintage and design-y? Or modern and timeless? Whatever you choose, make sure to call us over to test your new creations.