“Phrenology of a Gentleman” and Other Vintage-Inspired Manly Posters and T-Shirts by Maiden Voyage

A ManMade Twitter follower just sent me a link to this great Etsy shop, Maiden Voyage, who sell tongue-in-cheek graphic illustrations inspired by humorously outdated notions of manly things.

The team describes their brand,

The term “maiden voyage” conjures up images of massive floating zeppelins, prop driven planes and towering ships embarking on their initial journeys. With these vessels came adventurers and their desires to discover the unknown. Their expeditions were retold in countless enchanting tales. More often than not, recounts of these stories became embellished, adding to their mystery and intrigue.
It is this mixture of truth and falsity from which we pull our inspiration. And where we begin to blur the line even further, creating surreal imagery that carries its own mysterious narration and goods that evoke those same haunting feelings. We have a high standard of quality and use only materials and methods that reflect this.

Most designs are available as t-shirts or 12×18″ screen prints, including this glow-in-the-dark version of their “Cryptozoology Tracking Society” piece:

I’ll take one of each, please.

Maiden Voyage Clothing [Etsy.com]