Gift Guide: 10 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Stylish Guy On Your List

created at: 11/18/2013

Whether you’re actually looking to buy some clothing and gear for a man, or just fulfilling your mom’s wish to “send her a list,” here are my (Gabriel’s) ten picks for style-oriented holiday gifts.

We hope you’ll use this gift guide as more than just a bunch of shopping links: it’s actually a mini-compendium of rad ideas that mix classic style and some 2013 trends. If you wish to purchase the product, you can do so by clicking on the link provided, but if for any reason you can’t buy it (either out of your budget or they don’t ship to where you live), take it as inspiration and go use the internet to hunt down something similar.

1. Camo Bow Tie $40 (above): we spotted this awesome bow tie on the tie guy via instagram. We like it because it isn’t flashy at all, yet still fun to wear. Pair it up with a denim shirt for a casual look or wear it with your favorite suit!

ripley oak barrel glasses

2. Ripley Oak Barrel Glasses $145: This pair of spectacles will automatically make you extra smart and charming. Not true. But, we’re into this pair  of oak barrel Warby’s for a subtle retro look without too much plastic. They’re a subtle, elegant addition to any look.

wooden phone case

3. Faux-Wood iPhone Case $23: This faux-wood iphone case looks manly, rustic, earthy, yet still clean and modern. Oh, and each case is made to order by the manufacturer, so they’re each one-of-a-kind.

4. Timex Weekender $45 Speaking of accessories, we suggest a watch? It’s a key piece that brings your whole deal together. The Weekender has a timeless design (umm….) and plenty of band options to customize it to the occasion.  

herschel backpack

5. Herschel Backpack $59: Even though there are tons of options for backpacks this year, we feel Herschel is still a safe bet when it comes to quality and design. We like the contrast of the leather handles with the black canvas, and are hoping these won’t look as outdated in a few years. 


6. Ranger Hat $285: Hats are always a solid fall/winter item. This ranger hat is definitely a bit more pricey than the other items above, but you can always find something more affordable at your local handmade hat store (think old school hat store, that’s where the affordable stuff is). Just pay attention to the shape and materials.

Bits N Dots Sweatshirt

7. Bits and Dots sweatshirt $130: Okay, this one’s a bit wild, but if you pair this up with some dark jeans and a sport coat you can totally rock it. The design may look intimidating, but trust us, we’re deeming it pull-off-able. It’s fun and quirky, so if you have a friend that’s a bit nerdy, this is for him!

I love ugly

8. Drop Crotch Zespy Pants $88: This is the grownup version of track pants. The drop crotch makes it modern and a bit edgy, and the fabric makes it super comfortable. Just note: these are for lounging, the gym, and maybe a lazy Saturday, not for everyday use! 

varsity jacket

9. Navy Varsity Jacket $96: A subtle scholarly look in a fairly affordable jacket. The All-American look never goes out of style, and this avoids the “I’ve never grown out of high school” image.

Minerals Tshirt Gems Science Tee MENS Shirt

10. Minerals T-Shirt $16: Wow. Geeky rock lovers rejoice! Totally affordable and unique, what else could you ask for for less than $20.

Again, if you find some of these items to be a bit over your budget, we totally get it. Just try to look for something along the same lines and use these items for some inspiration.