Designing for Bikes Stored on Walls

As cycling and bike commuting continue to grow as a realistic transportation option, among the changes, these two are true: 1) there are lots more people with bikes to store indoors, and 2) bike frame and component design and styling have seriously improved, creating beautiful works of craftsmanship.   Enter, then, a third truth: there are lots of cool bike storage design options available now, allowing you to not only safely store but show off your bike as a piece of practical art. 

Jeri Dansky from Core77 has collected some of her favorites. She says, “

Bicycle owners with garages have an obvious place to store those bikes—but what about those without garages: apartment dwellers, etc.? Those end-users may want to store their bicycles in their living spaces, and they’ll want their bike racks to look good. Since floor space will probably be limited, wall racks have a lot of appeal.

Designers are recognizing the need, and addressing it in various ways.”

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