Before & After: One Couple’s Beautiful Backyard Overhaul

A little bit of effort goes a long way when it comes to tackling projects around your home, but the most challenging part can simply be to start. Maybe you need inspiration for how to layout the space you’re reno-ing, or you might not have the skills needed to take on every aspect of the job. One of our users, Kathryn, is familiar with the feeling and that’s why they submitted their backyard makeover to us. From dandelion-infested to a beautiful, functional outdoor space, this backyard is one we’d be happy to spend time in every day.

stone wall in foreground outdoors with couch in background on wooden fence

“When we moved into our house a few years ago, the backyard was one of the areas that totally overwhelmed me. I had spent my last 7+ years in apartments or condos without any outdoor space, so I had no idea how to tackle the yard. It was a mess – like a totally embarrassing mess. Don’t believe me? Look at the before photos.”There were so many dandelions that my husband actually harvested them and tried to make dandelion wine!”

Look at all these dandelions! You might as well try to make something out of them…

view of backyard lawnspace covered completely in weeds

“We decided that the best approach was to hire a professional landscape designer, Botanical Jones, to transform the space. It’s now the best part of our house. It’s an oasis, especially right now as we are stuck at home during the quarantine.

outdoor couch against light wood fence on grey stone patio

“If I had to choose my favorite part, I would say the brick patio.”

outdoor dining room table set on red brick patio

“I thought I hated brick hardscaping, but my husband convinced me that I actually just hated “new” bricks – you know, the bright red ones that come from Home Depot. As usual, he was right. I actually do like bricks, but they have to have some character. So he ended up sourcing all our bricks from neighbors and architectural salvage yards. About 80% of the bricks were 100% free. AMAZING! And they looks so good.”

close up of worn red brick

The fact that a huge portion of this project was cost-free makes it all the more satisfying!

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