60 Easy DIY Pallet Projects and Ideas

With a little bit of ingenuity and imagination, there is no telling what kinds of things can be created with secondhand materials. Reclaimed wood, in particular, has become a popular material from which many things have been created.

The number of things that can be created from wooden pallets is nearly limitless. Welcome signs, planter boxes, table centerpieces, coffee tables, racks, and about a million more things can all be created with a little bit of help. This guide will give you the list of the 60 best DIY pallet ideas to tackle if you are looking to use reclaimed wooden pallets.

1.) Garden Wall

wood pallet garden wall
(Zina Wright)

Whether you want to adorn an existing exterior wall or create your own, you can do so with enough pallets. A garden wall is a great way to add a complimentary look to your garden. It can also make for a practical space to hang garden-related tools, keeping them neatly stored away until they are needed again. You can even secure pallets to stand alone for a free-standing garden wall.

2.) Planter Box

white pallet planter box

Not everyone has the yard space to create a garden. So, why not do the next best thing and go with planter boxes around your yard? With a single pallet, you can create a pallet planter box that matches your imagination. You can go as simple as you want, with just a little finish at the end, or paint it all sorts of bright, decorative colors. The possibilities are limitless.

3.) Home Bar

home bar made from recycled pallets
(Infarrantly Creative)

Have you been looking for a chic place to keep all of your adult beverages and adult beverage accessories? Keeping them away in some cabinet may be fine but there is nothing quite like the aesthetic of having your own custom-built home bar. You can even add some wheels on the bottom to make it mobile and bring it anywhere in the house that you want it to be.

4.) Welcome Sign

welcome sign made of pallet wood

The old saying goes that you can only make one first impression. So, why not give visitors the best first impression possible with a beautiful, custom-made welcome sign? You can really show off your creative side here as well. Keep it simple, with a basic wood finish and stencil lettering. You can also show off your artistic side by implementing whatever designs that really represent you and your style.

5.) Mobile Coffee Table

mobile coffee table made from pallets

A coffee table can be the focal gathering point of the home. Whether that is indoors or out, you can create an optimal hangout space that suits your sense of style. Creating a simple yet effective coffee table can become a centerpiece of your living room or become a great accessory to a patio space. Even better, you can add wheels and make it a mobile coffee table that can move about when needed.

6.) Entryway Ceiling

entryway ceiling made with wood pallets
(Cape 27 Blog)

Similar to the welcome sign, there are more than a few ways that you can implement pallets to make a great first impression. When someone first steps foot into your home, you can take their breath away with a DIY entryway ceiling made entirely of upcycled pallet wood. With the right finish, it can become the striking focal point for your entryway.

7.) Garden Bench

pallet wood garden bench

If you are someone who likes spending time outside but does not have an established space to work in, this is perfect for you. With a pallet or two, you can create the perfect outdoor working space for potting flowers, pruning, and so much more. You can even adorn your pallet furniture bench to match your stylistic quirks by adding some funky designs and bright colors.

8.) Hanging Planter

hanging planter

Similar to planter boxes, sometimes space is at a premium and you want to have your own garden space. Well, why not make the most of the limited space by using a hanging planter instead of taking up valuable ground space? With a hanging planter made of pallet, you can maximize the space available to you all while getting to have bright, fresh plants in and around your home.

9.) Table Centerpiece

table centerpiece
(Robin Happy at Home)

Sometimes that kitchen table, no matter how beautifully built it may be, can be lacking that little extra something. Table decorations can get a bit clunky quickly if you don’t know what to add. So why not build your own decoration and go with a table centerpiece made from a reclaimed wooden pallet? It can be a simply built piece or as ornate and complex as you want, making a great focal point.

10.) Wall-Mounted Wine Rack

wine bottle holder made from pallet wood

There are wine racks aplenty out there, but they can feel a little overdone. Besides, building a wine rack means having the counter or storage space to hold it, right? Well, not so fast. You can use old pallets to build a wall-mounted wine rack to accommodate your collection. That means easier access and getting to not only show off what wines you have on hand but your beautiful wine rack, too.

11.) Outdoor Table

outdoor table made of recycled pallets
(Morning Chores)

When the weather permits, there is nothing quite like spending your time outdoors. With the sun shining, the weather warm, and the company good, you will find every excuse possible to spend your time in an outdoor hangout space. So, when you are hanging out and relaxing, you need a place to hold your drinks, food, or phone. That is where a simple yet stylish outdoor table can come in handy.

12.) Hairpin Leg Table

hairpin leg table

Hairpin legs are very much in style right now. You can throw a rock and hit several different projects that feature hairpin legs. It is a sleek, stylish look that doesn’t take up much visual space. Even better, they are cheap as it gets. If you are looking for a chic look for your living room, you can’t go wrong with a pallet hairpin leg table. Simple to build and makes a modern, chic statement.

13.) Portable Shelving

shelf made of wood from pallets

Storage can sometimes just be storage. You want a place to get things organized and off of the floor or out of a crowded closet or basement. But what if you could make it stylish without a whole lot of effort? Having a portable shelving unit made of a reclaimed pallet can give you the simple storage solution that you were looking for while providing that rustic, chic look that is so popular.

14.) Coffee Mug Holder

coffee mug rack made from recycled pallets
(One Little Bird Blog)

How many people out there are avid coffee drinkers? There is a good chance that you raised your hand reading this. This means that you probably have a plethora of coffee mugs that are taking up a lot of space somewhere in your home. Instead of cramming them into a cabinet, why not create your own coffee mug holder? Add any decorative touches that you want to make it your own and you will have a standout piece.

15.) Tool Organizer

diy tool organizer
(Funky Junk Interiors)

When you have tools, organization is half the battle. There are more than a few of us out there who have spent more time looking for the right tool for the job than actually working on the job itself. You can keep your tools organized in style with a DIY tool organizer made from reclaimed pallets. You can even keep them spaced for slotting purposes, allowing you to hang tools or additional shelving.

16.) Headboard

wood pallet headboard
(Stylizimo Blog)

Our bedrooms should be a sanctuary. It is the place that we come to at the end of the day to relax and wind down before we get a good night’s sleep. How our room looks plays an important part in how we feel about it. The headboard can be a statement piece and a DIY headboard made of wooden pallets can really stand out, depending on the finish that you choose.

17.) TV Stand

tv riser made from pallet wood
(Funky Junk Interiors)

Looking for a place to keep your small television but don’t quite like how it looks sitting on top of a dresser? All it takes is a few pallet board pieces to create a DIY TV stand that can house most smaller televisions. You can make the project as big as you want, creating a full unit complete with stencil designs as well. The limits are your time and imagination.

18.) Large Outdoor Dining Table

picnic table made from pallets
(Kleinworth Co)

Those who enjoy hosting know the potential limitations of space. You want to have everyone over but you need to have a place to put everyone, too. When it comes time for a meal, there is no better place than your own larger outdoor dining table. You can even add umbrella holders to keep guests shaded as they enjoy their favorite outdoor cuisine.

19.) Garden Tool Rack

wood pallet garden tool rack
(Fix Lovely)

Tending to your garden is a lot of hard work. You have a plethora of tools that are required to keep your garden space looking as neat and tended as possible. So shouldn’t your tools be stored in a neat and orderly way, too? With a garden tool rack, you can keep larger tools like rakes and shovels neatly stored away and looking fashionable even when not in use.

20.) Coffee Bar

pallet coffe bar

The vast majority of us appreciate our coffee in one way or another. But storing all of the accessories that come with it can be a bit much sometimes. With space requirements for the coffee maker, mugs, sugar packets, k-cups, and everything else, space can disappear quickly. But with a coffee cart, you can create a stylish space that is dedicated solely to your coffee and all the accessories that come with it.

21.) Radiator Cover

pallet radiator cover

Depending on where you live, you may have a radiator in your home. It is an older method of heating your home compared to the central heating and air units that most modern structures have. Instead of looking at that unsightly radiator, why not cover it in style? A simply made pallet radiator cover can make for a stylish complement to a room from what was once a major eyesore.

22.) Blanket Ladder

pallet blanket ladder

Having a lot of blankets can become a problem, especially if you live in a colder climate. Even when the weather turns chilly, those blankets won’t be in use all the time. That means having a fashionable place to store them. By building a blanket ladder out of old pallets, you can create a stylish accessory that actually has a practical purpose, too.

23.) Bamboo Holder

plant holder made from pallet wood
(Kleinworth Co)

Plants can come in so many different varieties it could make your head spin. There are also certain types of plants that need to be stored in specific ways. Bamboo is one of those plants that needs a little more rigid support to it out of a holder. So, why not build one out of pallet wood? You can create a tall bamboo holder that allows it to support the bamboo but still allows the bamboo to be seen. The best of both worlds.

24.) Kitchen Backsplash

kitchen backsplash made of pallet wood

Rustic chic is definitely in right now in all aspects. We see a lot of pallet decorations but what about implementing it in a more substantial way? Since kitchens and bathrooms are focal points of the home, why not implement wooden pallets into the backsplash design? There are so many pallet backsplash possibilities to choose from, each of which will work in your modern rustic design.

25.) Nightstand

diy nightstand

While it can be fun to let loose and get involved in something a little more comprehensive, it helps to start simple. And there are few projects on the DIY list that are simpler than nightstands. With a little reclaimed pallet wood, you can create a simple yet chic nightstand that is versatile enough to fit into most design motifs. With the right finish, you can really make these nightstands feel high-end, too.

26.) Photo Display Unit

pallet wood hanging photo gallery

Picture frames by themselves can feel a bit outdone. Even with the more unique frames out there, it is hard to get a different feel from picture frames these days. So, why not change it up and display your important memories on a wall-mounted photo display unit? Think of it almost as a slatted wall where you can place pictures or even small frames in a new and stylish way.

27.) Fireplace Surround

pallet wood fireplace surround
(Addison Meadows Lane)

Having a fireplace can be a great focal wall. But sometimes, when the wall or the fireplace (or both) feel a little outdated, it can wind up attracting attention to the room in all the wrong ways. With some pallet wood, though, you can create a surround for your fireplace that makes it feel new and chic again. Even better, it will play off of the other wood elements in the room to tie the entire look together.

28.) Decorative Wall

decorative wall made from pallets
(Project Nursery)

A wall is a wall is a wall is a wall. They can really start to look all the same after a while, even when you add some decorations into the mix. So, if you want to really change things up, why not create your own decorative pallet wall? All it takes is paneling a statement wall in wood pallet planks in any style or pattern that you want. Apply some wood finish and you will have the statement wall.

29.) Bookshelf

bookshelf made from recycled pallets
(Jenwood House)

Bookshelves never go out of style. Their purpose has changed quite a bit throughout the years – people are reading less and less, after all – but that doesn’t mean that they have gone the way of the dodo. A custom-made DIY bookshelf can stand out as an excellent complementary piece in any design motif, particularly a modern rustic look. The storage function isn’t bad, either.

30.) Garden Tool Organizer

garden tool organizer made from pallets
(Our Little Acre)

Caring for your garden takes time and dedication. It also takes quite a bit of tools to get the job done the right way. You have a storage solution for the larger tools in your arsenal, but what about the small tools like trowels? With a garden tool organizer, you can keep all of those smaller tools easily visible and accessible while also providing a complimentary style option.

31.) Porch Swing

pallet wood porch swing
(Twelve Oaks Manor)

There are a few things that can really make a home feel like home. Having a porch swing is one of those things. Even if you don’t use garden furniture often, it can give any home the feeling that it has been lived in and loved for a long, long time. Creating a simple but beautiful DIY porch swing means having a peaceful, comfortable space to just hang out and enjoy the weather.

32.) Storage Shed

storage shed

It seems like we all have storage challenges at one point or another. Most of us have them in the home but for those who put a lot of work into their landscaping, those storage challenges can come up outdoors as well. Though it isn’t quite as simple as some of the other projects, you can create a shed made out of wooden pallets simply enough. Before long, you have a storage spot for your tools, keeping them organized and protected.

33.) Living Room Sectional

sofa sectional made with pallets

Traditional furniture can all start to look kind of alike after a while. But you can’t quite do without furniture, right? Well, maybe there is a better way to go about it. With a few cushions and pallets, you can create a custom DIY pallet sectional that has the modern appeal of a sectional with the traditional rustic design that is so popular. Even better, you can build to custom specifications to fit your home best.

34.) Patio Sofa

patio sofa
(Scrap Hacker)

Chairs are the most common form of outdoor furniture, but they can be a bit limiting. For one, you have to have enough to accommodate guests at any time. If you have too many, things can start to look cluttered quickly. So, why not get the seating you need with a pallet patio sofa? A couple of pallets and some cushions and you can have a swanky, stylish outdoor seating option like no other.

35.) Bar Cart

recycled pallet bar cart
(My Pinteresting Life)

There are few things quite like having guests over to share a drink, small talk, and good company. But why walk all the way to the kitchen when you can conveniently keep all that you need right by you? By creating a DIY rolling bar cart, you can keep all of your adult refreshments right within reach. Even better, it can hold bottles, glasses, and all the accessories that you need to have a good time.

36.) Small Desk

desk made from a pallet

Space can be limited depending on where you live. When space is limited, it becomes all about maximizing that space so that you can get practical use out of it without things becoming too cluttered and disorganized. A small desk, particularly one made of a reclaimed pallet, can fill that need while also providing a rustic aesthetic that many modern apartment goers love.

37.) Bed Frame

bed frame made with pallets
(The Wonder Forest)

There is something about a mattress and box spring sitting on the floor that is less than stylish. It harkens to college students who can’t afford to have a bed frame. Not only that, but traditional metal frames can look bulky and big. But with a couple of pallets and the right finish, you can create a unique, stylish bed frame that doesn’t have to be taken apart to move.

38.) Patio Arm Chair

patio arm chair made from pallets

Relaxing outdoors is different for everyone. For some, it’s chilling out in the pool. Others, it is lounging around and enjoying the sun. If you are in the latter camp, it is all about finding the right lounging space to accommodate. A patio armchair can do just that. Rest your arms and create the perfect incline to accommodate your relaxation needs.

39.) Poolside Lounge Bench

diy pool lounge chairs
(Wohn Blogger)

Lounging by the pool is one of the most summer activities there is. When we go to a public pool, they have those longer plastic lounge chairs that everyone uses. Well, why not create a better version that can accommodate you and a friend? A custom pallet wood poolside lounge bench can be the perfect hangout space when you are poolside.

40.) Compost Bin

pallet wood compost bin
(The Real Farmhouse)

More and more people have an eye towards environmental consciousness. They want to do their part to reduce the carbon footprint that we as a people leave on this earth. So, for those who enjoy doing their part by composting, there is a perfect use for those old wood pallets. A compost bin can be as simple or ornate as you want it to be, serving a practical use while also looking quite stylish tucked away in your yard.

41.) Entryway Table

wood pallet entryway table

When you first walk in the door, the first inclination can be to shed all the unnecessary weight. Shoes come off. Coat comes off. Keys get dropped and so do the bags. But without the accessories to accommodate, it can all become messy. A stylish entryway table made of wood pallets can create the perfect drop-off space for keys, mail, and more.

42.) Dividing Wall

pallet wood dividing wall
(My Friend Staci)

There has been a trend in recent years of open floor plans. While an open floor plan can create the illusion of more space, it has its downsides. Namely that nothing is separated or has its own space. From time to time, that space needs to be broken up. If that is your situation, a wood pallet dividing wall can be the answer. It creates a stylish separation that doesn’t feel out of place, giving specificity to the areas of your home that need it.

43.) Potting Bench

diy potting bench
(A Piece of rainbow)

Are individual planters not quite fitting your needs? If you want to put up more than one or two, it can feel like you are not making the best use of the space. So why not go with a potting bench instead? The idea is the same only you are making the potter bigger and wider. It’s great for keeping multiple plants, sometimes of the same species, together because they require similar growing conditions. Far more practical than individual planters.

44.) Vertical Herb Garden

pallet wood vertical herb garden
(Ginger Snap Crafts)

Who wouldn’t love to have access to their own freshly grown herbs? Well, having the space is part of the problem but there is a new way to accommodate. With a vertical herb garden, you can have a stylish wall accessory while also having the space needed to grow your favorite herbs. So long as it has access to sunshine, the possibilities are endless.

45.) Pumpkin Halloween Decoration

pumpkin decoration made from pallet wood
(Finding Home Farms)

Tired of seeing all the same decorations come Halloween time? Why not mix it up by creating your own custom design out of pallets? A custom-made pumpkin Halloween decoration is something that looks so cool that it can pass as a standard fall decoration, too.

46.) Bike Rack

bike rack made from pallets

Being active and riding your bike frequently also requires a space to store it. When you have multiple people in one household, that can mean a lot of space taken up quickly. But with a pallet bike rack, you can have the simple yet effective storage option that you need. Keep it outside if you have a smaller space to keep from taking up valuable indoor space.

47.) Outdoor Chair

pallet wood outdoor love seat
(Funky Junk Interiors)

Having the furniture to relax outdoors can get expensive and not everyone wants to take on some comprehensive DIY project. So why not keep it simple and create an outdoor chair that, with the right cushion, can be comfortable as well as fashionable? This is the kind of project that takes little DIY skill and a few hours of your time to create.

48.) American Flag

american flag made from recycled pallets
(The Magic Brush)

Want to show off your national spirit and pride but don’t want to be like everyone else who hangs the flag up? Why not do something unique that makes use of the flag as well? You can paint your wooden pallets to create a custom American Flag look that will have your fellow patriots wishing they had come up with something half as cool.

49.) Outdoor End Table

wood pallet outdoor table

Hanging outdoors can be great but when you don’t have space to accommodate for drinks or food, it can be a real pain. A simple outdoor end table made of pallet wood can create a stylish, practical place for you to keep all your drinks, plates, and more when hanging out in a patio space. Just make sure to seal it to protect against the elements.

50.) Outdoor Lounge Chair

diy outdoor lounge chairs
(Freckles and Fluff)

If you are more about hanging out in the backyard on your own, you don’t have a need for big pieces of outdoor furniture. So why not keep it simple with an outdoor lounge chair made of reclaimed pallet wood? You can paint it to match your outdoor aesthetic or provide a nice pop of color with something much brighter.

51.) Wooden Wall Accent

simple wall accent made from recycled pallets

Already have a wooden wall but feel like it is becoming a little too expansive? With just a few accent pieces to break it up, you can keep the aesthetic of the wall without it feeling quite so overwhelming. This wall accent is a simple yet effective way to provide a pop of style that keeps the wall from feeling too bland on the whole.

52.) Tree Shelf

tree shelf made from pallet wood

Storage space is a premium almost no matter where you look. In smaller places like apartments, it becomes even more important. But your shelving space doesn’t have to be the same old shelf that you see everywhere. With some reclaimed wood pallets, you can create a tree-style shelf that provides a unique touch of style while accommodating your need for space.

53.) Decorative Side Table

simple wood pallet side table
(Making Manzanita)

Looking for the practicality of a side table but don’t like how they can all kind of seem the same? Go with a more decorative option instead. With a brighter pop of color, perhaps some stencil, or another bright design, you can create a decorative side table that stands out from the rest.

54.) Decorative Sign

decorative sign
(Weekend Craft)

We have all seen those cliché decorative signs at the store before. They always say things like “Live, Laugh, Love” or “Home”. You might even like the aesthetic but just hate what the message says. So, why not create your own decorative sign out of reclaimed pallet wood? You can give it your own font and color choice and even what it says. How’s that for custom?

55.) Stools

wood pallet stools and chairs
(Easy Pallet Ideas)

Bar stools are always in style. While they tend to have more of that modern contemporary appeal these days, they can work just as well with a rustic aesthetic, too. Even better, when doing custom pallet bar stools, you can play with different shapes and styles. All of which can fit your design motif even better than ever before. There is no design motif like your design motif and this level of custom design makes you stand out from the rest.

56.) Reading Nook

wood pallet reading nook
(Kojo Designs)

Wish that you had a dedicated reading space for you or your children? Well, now you can? Cutting a couple of wood pallets diagonally can allow you to fit the pieces into a corner space, creating the ideal reading nook. With just a touch of paint, some really comfy cushions, and a few decorative throw pillows to finish the look off, you will have a reading space that is perfect for any rainy day.

57.) Hanging Storage Boxes

diy hanging storage boxes
(Easy Pallet Ideas)

Shelves have been done to death. Storage boxes are becoming a little more popular because they are different from the traditional shelf. But these hanging storage boxes are even better because they don’t require more than a single nail to accommodate. It takes a little careful placement to get them balanced just right, but they can make for a great light storage option that doesn’t take long to build or install.

58.) Chevron Coffee Table

pallet wood chevron coffee table
(The Merry Thought)

Chevron is very much in right now, so why not implement one of the most popular styles going into a simple but beautiful coffee table design? You will have to break up the pallets into individual planks, but with a little bit of patience and a stylistic eye, you can create a chevron coffee table that definitely will become a conversation starter.

59.) Fancy Porch Bench

outdoor bench made from recycled pallets
(DIY Craftsy)

Want to something a bit bigger than the simplistic porch bench that so many DIYers do? Go bigger! You can add different finishes, colors, and designs to your bench to create something that is totally unique to you. With proper outdoor cushions, you will have a fancy porch bench that will catch the eye of passersby when they walk or drive by your home. All while creating something that not just anyone can buy.

60.) Clock

wood pallet clock
(Easy Pallet Ideas)

Perhaps the coolest thing on the list, this is one of the most unique items there is. Most of the other pallet wood items are some sort of furniture. But if you really like the aesthetic of pallet wood, you can implement it into some pretty cool things. All it takes is a dismantled pallet and some clock hands wired into place to create a simple, beautiful, and rustic timepiece. You can add numbers if you want but the simplicity of he piece is what makes it stand out from the rest. You can even get different color plants to create a more appealing aesthetic.