How to: Simple, Stylish Wall-Mounted Lighting Project from Hardware Store Parts

As this point in the DIY movement evolution, no one is surprised to learn that the strength and construction toy-like versatility of plumbing pipe makes it awesome fodder for building all sorts of projects. You've probably even seen it applied to lighting and lamp projects before. But, there's still room to improve on a classic, and we think this piece by Alyssa does exactly that.    

created at: 09/15/2016

Why? Well, I think it's the small design choices. It's balanced, well-proportioned, and highlights the materials. It's a bit rustic, but not overtly so, and while you can tell what it's made from, it doesn't scream hyper urban, reclaimed, coolkidgentrification everythingisauthentic of your local ____ + ____ named establishment. It's just solid, well-done, and practical. Can't beat that. 

Get the how-to and materials list at Urban Barn, a Canadian home decor and furniture shop: DIY Lamp