60 Easy Sewing Projects for Beginners

Sewing is a popular pastime. All it takes is a little needle, some thread, and your imagination to create whatever you want. The great thing is that it can be learned by just about anyone with a little time and patience.

But where do you start and on what? Whether you are new to sewing or a seasoned veteran, there are more than a few projects worth taking on. Whether you dabble in pillows, blankets, scarves, or something else entirely, there is a project out there to pique your interest. The possibilities are seemingly endless in terms of what type of projects you can take on.

1.) Fruit Slice Pillows

fruit slice pillows sewing project
(Studio DIY)

Pillows are one of the most common choices for sewing, be it beginner or veteran. The reason being is that the possibilities are endless, though you can only really get more complicated with more experience. Still, something like fruit slice pillows is a great way to build your skills and brighten up your home with a cute, citrusy touch that compliments so many different aesthetics.

2.) Rainbow Snowflake Pillow

rainbow snowflake sewing project
(The Benson Street)

Sticking with the pillow idea, this one is a little simpler. A rainbow snowflake pillow can be done on any shape or size of pillow that you want. All you have to do is use different color stitching to create the effect of snowflakes of all colors. A great option for beginners who may not have a lot of confidence in their abilities yet, but can still provide a neat pop of color. They are great for children’s rooms, too.

3.) Plush Cactus Décor

plush cactus decor sewing project
(Studio DIY)

Like the aesthetic of a cactus but don’t want the actual, prickly thing in your home? Well, how about the next best thing? You can create a fabric plush cactus décor that looks basically like the real thing without any of the maintenance. You can either choose to make the pot out of canvas for a matching décor or even stick it in a real pot if you don’t feel like doing the whole thing. But either way, you get a cactus without the real thing.

4.) Fox Purse

fox purse sewing project
(I Heart Crafty Things)

There are seemingly a million different purses out there and they all look kind of the same. But doing something different doesn’t have to be all that hard. You can make a little handbag stitched with your favorite animal on the front, be it a fox or something else entirely. The cartoonish look will give it a light feel without seeming too childish. Plus, it makes for a perfect beginner sewing project.

5.) Gift Card Holder

gift card holder project
(Craftaholics Anonymous)

Giving gifts can be quite frustrating. You want to do something unique for those you care about but finding something that is perfect is, well, impossible. Gift cards are common because they are practical and everyone likes them. But instead of just shoving them in some standard card, why not make a cardholder yourself? You can get really creative, using any fabrics and stitching that make it stand out.

6.) Bean Bags

bean bag sewing project

Cornhole is still an immensely popular game and with good reason. It is simple and easy to play, making it accessible to just about anyone with the time and the interest. If you have a cornhole board but your bags are either worn or missing, make bean bags of your own. You can get as simple or creative as you choose to, even matching the design or logo of whatever board you have.

7.) Drawstring Storage Bag

drawstring bag sewing project

Storage bags are always in demand and for good reason. Having a simple, easily accessible bag to keep your stuff can make any trip all the easier. Making a drawstring storage bag means coming up with a design that suits you and bringing it to life. Before you know it, you will have a fashionable yet practical drawstring bag that you can take with you on any trip.

8.) Doll Bed

doll bed sewing project
(One Little Project)

Little kids love playing with dolls, something that goes back centuries. If you have a child or grandchild that loves playing with dolls, you know that a few accessories can go a long way towards unlocking their imagination. With a small, simple doll bed, you can craft something that helps take their playtime to the next level. Whether simple or ornately designed, it will become a special item for playtime.

9.) Sandwich Bag

sandwich bag sewing project
(Sew Can Do)

Plastic sandwich bags are starting to become a little less common. The reason being is that we as a society are moving towards more sustainable, recyclable materials. Using plastic sandwich bags might be practical, but it is also very wasteful. You can create your own sandwich bag to bring a treat with you wherever you go. Even better, you will be doing your part to limit our carbon footprint.

10.) Velcro Bed Skirt

bed skirt sewing project
(A Beautiful Mess)

Bed skirts are becoming less and less common as they become less fashionable. But that doesn’t mean they have gone totally out of style. If you like the look of a bed skirt in your home, consider making one with a Velcro attachment. That makes it much easier for you to put on and remove the bed skirt when you feel like it fits. That means getting the look you want without the hassle of putting on a normal bed skirt.

11.) Facemask

facemask sewing project
(The Craft Patch Blog)

There are few things quite so culturally appropriate as a face mask these days. In most areas of the world, citizens are either required or highly encouraged to wear them due to the pandemic. So, why not explore your craft side and stitch a facemask or two? You can play with different fabrics and patterns, creating a whole array of masks to try out when you venture out into the world.

12.) Flower Headband

flower headband sewing project
(One Little Project)

Decorative accessories are always in style, no matter what that style may be. For girls and women, part of that means finding ways to keep the hair out of your face. That is why headbands and ponytails will remain so popular. Do something different by creating a fabric flower headband to keep the hair out of your eyes in style. Create a few different ones to match any outfit at any time.

13.) Lace and Fabric Flag

lace and fabric american flag sewing project

Finding stylish ways of celebrating our freedom and patriotism are very in right now. How you display your patriotism is up to you, but what better way to do so than to create something out of lace and fabric? With a lace and fabric flag, you won’t quite match the authentic thing, but you can make a cute and eye-catching recreation. Great for showing off your skills and love of country.

14.) Disney Fabric Headbands

disney fabric headbands sewing project

Headbands are one of the easier creations on this list and for good reason. They serve a very practical use and can have a ton of creative potential. Given the popularity of Disney and all of its related properties, why not combine the two? A Disney fabric headband can let you show off your love of your favorite Disney franchise while also achieving the simple goal of mess-free hair. It is the best of both worlds.

15.) Chalk Fabric Gift Bag

chalkboard fabric drawstring bag sewing project
(Sew Can Do)

Tired of giving the same old gift bags that get tossed into the garbage the second they are opened? Why not create one that not only will make a visual impact but you can reuse again and again? Creating a fabric bag that has a flexible chalkboard on it means writing custom messages and changing the names of the recipient when it comes time to give a gift. There is no more unique gift bag out there.

16.) Checkered Quilt Rag

checkered quilt sewing project
(The Craft Patch Blog)

Not everything that you sew has to be this elaborate work of art. Sometimes, creating something simple yet effective is just as challenging. No matter who you are, there is always going to be a need for rags in the home. Creating a simple checkered quilt rag can allow you the convenience of having that rag with the aesthetic that only something homemade can achieve.

17.) Crayon Wallet

crayon wallet sewing project
(A Beautiful Mess)

Keeping toys and art supplies organized for kids can be a difficult proposition. But when there is a proper place for everything it becomes a lot less difficult. Keeping crayons secure and safe when not in use is easy when you create a crayon wallet. You can make your crayon wallet as big as you need to in order to accommodate the various crayons and even some markers that your kids will use.

18.) Hot Pad

fabric hot pad sewing project
(Skip to My Lou)

Far too many homeowners have made the mistake of putting a hot dish out of the oven on their countertops. What they don’t realize is that the extreme heat can have lasting impacts on those countertops for the negative. But with a simple hot pad, you can have a beautiful, practical way of dealing with those scalding hot dishes without doing damage to your countertops.

19.) Cloth Tote Bag

cloth tote bag sewing project
(Sew Many Ways)

It is highly unlikely that purses will ever go out of style. They make for a fashionable accessory and are capable of holding just about anything. But designer purses can get extremely expensive fast, which facilitates the need for an alternative. With a cloth tote bag, you can create something simple, yet effective. Even better, you can design it and implement as many compartments as you see fit for a custom design.

20.) Wall Art

wall art sewing project
(Persia Lou)

Good wall art is difficult to find without having to pay a hefty price. There are those generic prints that you can get at any craft store, but who doesn’t have one of those hanging about? If you want to get truly unique and creative, you can make your own wall art out of fabric. There is nothing quite like creating your own design from scratch and seeing it come to life before your very eyes (and hands).

21.) Tag Baby Blanket

tag baby blanket sewing project
(Happiness is Homemade)

With newborns, there is no such thing as too many blankets. Throwing up on them is the best thing that they are going to do to them. Even more importantly, when they start learning to grab things, they need a little help. With a tag baby blanket, you can create something that will not only be stylish for them to lay on, but those tags will help them improve their grip and learn how to grasp onto things as they grow.

22.) Fringe Shorts

fringe shorts sewing project
(Studio DIY)

Being able to create your own fashion statement is one of the more invaluable things about being able to sew. And depending on your skill level, that can include things like creating fringe shorts to wear out or about the house. The great thing here is that you aren’t paying for some logo. You are creating what you want, getting what you need, and feeling both comfortable and stylish with the end result.

23.) Fabric Basket

fabric basket sewing project
(Somewhat Simple)

Storage within the home is one of the most important considerations to make. Without the proper storage, you feel like things are constantly in the way or cluttered. Surely there has to be a solution? With a simple fabric basket, you can create storage options for things like blankets, pillows, or whatever else happens to be cluttering your space. Best of all, you can use a fabric that is cohesive with the rest of your design aesthetic.

24.) Bookmarks

cloth bookmark sewing project
(The Benson Street)

Though most things have moved to a digital format, that doesn’t mean we do all of our reading on a screen. Some people still like to feel the book in their hands, which means having a proper way of noting stopping points. With a bookmark made of faux leather or felt, you can create a stylish custom bookmark that will tell you precisely where you left off. No story is complete without a custom bookmark keeping place.

25.) Grocery Bag Dispenser

grocery bag dispenser sewing kit
(The Craft Patch Blog)

After any given trip to the grocery store – especially if your grocer still uses plastic bags – you know that there can be a plethora of them leftover. The good news is that you can reuse them. The bad news is that you have to find a place to store them. But with a simply made grocery bag dispenser, you can have a proper place to keep your bags that is both stylish and practical. Best of all, it can be tucked away neatly.

26.) Mousepad

cloth mousepad sewing project
(Craftaholics Anonymous)

When we think of our computers we think of all metal or plastic components. But your mouse pad – that seemingly inconsequential pad of fabric or rubber – can make a huge difference in your experience. Without one, your mouse may skip or lag, leading to massive frustration. Thankfully, you can create your own mousepad out of fabric, making whatever design you can possibly think of. The possibilities are endless.

27.) Christmas Stockings

christmas stockings sewing project
(The Crafted Sparrow)

Christmas is a time about creating memories. Traditions like decorating the tree, stringing up lights, and making cookies are just a few of the things that allow families to create those moments that last a lifetime. So, what better way to bring the Christmas spirit than to sew your own Christmas stockings? You can not only create a customized design but there is also nothing quite like seeing an embroidered name on each stocking every year.

28.) Infinity Scarf

infinity scarf sewing project
(Craftaholics Anonymous)

When you know how to sew, the possibilities are endless in terms of what you can do with your wardrobe. Among the accessories out there, scarves are one of the most fashionable. Creating an infinity scarf means creating an accessory that can go with just about anything. Whether it be flannel or some other type of material, you will have a versatile accessory that works in almost any situation.

29.) Quilted Pillows

quilted pillows sewing project
(A Beautiful Mess)

Though pillows are considered one of the simpler things to sew, there is nothing wrong with going simple. As a matter of fact, despite its simplicity, there are about a million and a half things that you can create with a pillow and some sewing. These quilted pillows are just another fine example of the impact that you can have on your home’s aesthetic with a needle, some thread, and a little bit of imagination.

30.) Spring Wreath

spring wreath sewing project
(A Beautiful Mess)

There is this misconception that wreaths are really only in-season when the holidays roll around. But with the right design and touch, you can create a spring wreath that provides a pop of fresh greenery wherever it is hung up. When the weather starts to turn and the green of the world starts poking through, your wreath will be the piece that ties everything together.

31.) Travel Kit

toiletry kit sewing project
(Craftaholics Anonymous)

We generally only think of washcloths as just that: for washing. But with a little creativity and sewing ability, you can make more than you thought possible. One such thing is a simple yet effective travel kit made of a washcloth. This is a great way to keep things like your toothbrush, toothpaste, medications, and anything else that would normally travel in your toiletries bag and a perfect project for beginners.

32.) Blackout Curtains

blackout curtains sewing project
(One Little Project)

Natural sunlight is great and all, but too much of it can cause issues. When there is too much light in the room, glare becomes prevalent, making it difficult to see television or computer screens. Blackout curtains can keep the sun at bay but can get costly. So, why not make your own blackout curtains? You can still choose bright fabrics for the interior of your home while keeping all of that sunlight at bay when you want to.

33.) Denim Art Supply Holder

denim art supply holder sewing project
(Skip to My Lou)

As any artist (amateur or otherwise) can attest to it can be difficult keeping your art supplies in order. Pens and pencils can get all over the place, making it difficult to find precisely what you were looking for. But with a little bit of denim and some creativity, you can create a denim art supply holder. It is great for keeping your smaller hand-held items in check and right where you expect them to be without any mess.

34.) Doily Apron

doily apron sewing project
(The Craft Patch Blog)

Find yourself spending a good deal of time in the kitchen or cleaning up around the house? Sometimes you want an apron to pull the entire look together. Not only that, an apron can provide a barrier between you and some of those messes. So, why not go for a more fanciful look by making an apron out of doilies? It is simple to do and can give your apron that elegant look that makes your home feel more luxurious.

35.) Photo Coffee Cozy

photo coffee cozy sewing project
(A Beautiful Mess)

More and more, there is a demand for goods that can have photos printed on them. We have favorite memories and being able to transpose them onto everyday goods allows us to live those memories again and again. That even means in your sewing, too. Creating a photo coffee cozy can allow you to relive those memories as you enjoy your morning cup of coffee, allowing for an optimal start to your day.

36.) Pleather Duffle

pleather drawstring duffle sewing project
(Sew Can Do)

Duffle bags are popular for a few simple reasons. For one, they don’t have a plethora of handles or zippers to mess with; they generally have one big compartment and maybe one or two smaller ones. Combine with pleather, which mimics leather but comes at a fraction of the cost, it can create a stylish, fashionable pleather duffle. With a little bit of flair, you can create something that looks high-end without the costs.

37.) Heart Garland

heart garland sewing project
(Crafts by Amanda)

Adding a little life and fashionable flair to your home can go a long way. It doesn’t have to be some over-the-top décor; something as simple as garland can make a huge impact. If you want to keep things whimsical, heart garland can make your home feel lighter and more welcoming. You can even layer them to give them more complex looks for a more comprehensive aesthetic.

38.) Bow Pouch w/Zipper

bow zipper pouch sewing project
(The Craft Patch Blog)

Pouches are one of the most common sewing projects and with good reason. For starters, they are quite simple to create. But they are also highly customizable, making them ideal for both beginner and experienced sewing levels. A simple pouch that is adorned with a bow and zipper can be used for just about anything you can imagine while also allowing you to pursue your creative side.

39.) Pleated Lamp Shade

pleated lampshade
(Jessica Sara Morris)

When it comes to making changes to your room’s aesthetic, sometimes the smallest changes can have the biggest impact. We tend to overlook things like lampshades but they can have a huge impact on any room with the right look. A simple pleated lampshade can not only tie in with the rest of the aesthetic, but it can also work to complement the lamp itself for a more cohesive look.

40.) Coin Purse

coin purse sewing project
(Skip to My Lou)

The simplest things can wind up having the biggest impact on your life. The same goes for your sewing creations. Something as simple as having a practical, simple, stylish place to keep your loose change can bring a new level of convenience to your life. A simply crafted coin purse, made with any number of fabrics and a zipper, can give you a safe place to keep your loose change while also limiting the amount of space that it takes up.

41.) Simple Bag w/Pockets

floral tote bag sewing project

Simplicity is the name of the game for most sewing projects. Unless you want to truly test your skills, creating something that is effective yet simple is the name of the game. Having a simple bag with a few pockets can give you something fashionable yet practical enough to go anywhere. Never worry about how you’ll carry things again.

42.) First Aid Kit

first aid kit sewing project
(Positively Splendid)

Storing something as simple as a first aid kit can change for the better. For the most part, we tend to just throw those first aid supplies, like band-aids, into our medicine cabinet. But for greater accessibility and a much nicer look, consider sewing your own custom first aid kit. You can adorn it with any creative elements that you want and even customize the size to meet your own personal needs and standards.

43.) Baby Bib

baby bib sewing project

Buying things for your baby can be frustrating for two reasons. For one, it is expensive. From clothing to food, it all adds up. Secondly, when it comes to clothing, it can be frustrating. For starters, they all have some dumb message on them that feels like it took about 4 seconds of effort. Creating your own baby bibs from scratch means not only creating the aesthetic that you want, but it also means no more of those generic messages or slogans.

44.) Utensil Holder

utensil holder sewing project

When you are moving around the kitchen, mixing things up in a frenzy, it can be a real hassle to try to remember where certain utensils are. But with a custom-made utensil holder, all it takes is a little fabric and stitching to know precisely where your utensils are. No more having to run back and forth, no having to hold onto utensils or run the risk of forgetting where they are. Everything can stay right there with you.

45.) Luggage tag

luggage tag sewing project
(Positively Splendid)

There are a lot of frustrating things about traveling but there might not be anything worse than not being able to find your bag. Your luggage tag is what helps you easily identify your bag among the sea of others that look similar. You can make a luggage tag in any color or with a unique logo so that it stands out even more. You will be able to see your bag from a mile away, making it easier to get your bag and get moving.

46.) Simple Tote Bag

colored tote bag sewing project
(Sew What Alicia)

Tote bags are popular because they combine style and simplicity into one neat package. There aren’t a ton of pockets on your average tote bag; you just throw everything in and go. But if the designs out there aren’t doing much for you, you will find that you can sew one up in no time at all. A custom tote bag is a great way to create the style that you are looking for but might not be able to find elsewhere.

47.) Envelope Clutch

envelope clutch sewing project

An envelope-style clutch is just as it sounds: there is a flap that folds down from the top. They can come in some different variations but the same general theme prevails. The good thing is that these are quite easily sewable with a little bit of fabric and time. Go with simpler fabrics for a quick, easy look or something more complicated that shows off your abilities with a needle or sewing machine.

48.) Picnic Blanket

picnic basket sewing project
(Flamingo Toes)

Some of the items on this list have gotten a little more complicated, so let’s go back to easy and simple. Whether you are the picnic type or not, having a huge picnic blanket means that you will be prepared no matter where you want to set up shop and enjoy a meal. Create classic patterns like checkers or test out your skills and see what kind of patterns you can create.

49.) Baby Hat

polka dot baby hat sewing project

Of all the baby clothing out there that you can custom make, there is nothing quite like a custom-knit baby hat. For starters, their little heads are the key to them remaining warm. That means they need something that can keep that precious heat and leave them feeling warm and cozy. But when you make one yourself, you can create something that will go right into the baby box to be preserved forever.

50.) House Pillows

decorative pillow sewing project

A spin on a simple classic. We have seen a few different methods for making custom pillows, but why not take it a step further and get really creative? These aren’t your simple, square pillows: these house pillows mean exploring with different shapes and stitching patterns. You can really push the boundaries of your skills by creating different styles of home and even mimic your own home to pull the aesthetic together.

51.) Fabric Basket

fabric basket sewing project
(Polka Dot Chair)

Don’t overlook the value of a basket when it comes to in-home storage. Choosing a simple floral print, you can create a fabric basket in no time that is simple yet practical. Play with different colors to see what you can do in terms of matching your home aesthetic or even adding handles for easier transportation.

52.) Scrunchies

scrunchie sewing project
(Sew Simple Home)

We could spend all day coming up with sewing ideas for fashion accessories. Long hair can be quite complicated to deal with and something simple yet effective like a scrunchy can go a long way. Make your own simply-made scrunchies, mixing up colors, fabrics, and patterns as you choose, to give you a wide array of choices.

53.) Reusable Snack Bag

reusable snack bag sewing project

Having a snack on the go can be an invaluable thing when you don’t know when dinner will be. But carrying around those plastic bags just means being less than eco-conscious, especially if you can’t dispose of them properly. Sew together your own simple yet effective snack bag instead. Whether you implement a button or zipper, you can keep your snacks safe and sound until you are ready for them.

54.) Felt Coaster

felt coaster sewing project
(Cuci Cuci Coo)

No one likes water rings on their table. Make sure that never happens again by sewing a basic coaster. If you are just looking for something with practical use, you can have a plain color coaster with a different color of stitching that does the job.

55.) Ironing Board Organizer

ironing board organizer sewing project

If you like your clothes neatly pressed, you know that doing so can be a hassle. Keep all of your ironing accessories nearby with an ironing board organizer that can hold things like spray bottles, clips, and more to make ironing easier than ever and help you avoid those nasty iron burns.

56.) Eye Mask

eye mask sewing project

Need total darkness for a good night’s sleep? Show off your sewing skills with an eye mask you sew yourself. You can dictate what color, thickness, and fabric that you choose to create the ultimate in comfort, allowing you to sleep easily at night. You may have to play around with fabric a bit to find the one that is most comfortable for your needs.

57.) Sunglass Case

sunglass case sewing project
(Positively Splendid)

Keeping your sunglasses safe means not having to spring for new ones all the time. Whether keeping them in your vehicle or on your person, you can craft a simple sunglasses case that meets the demand of keeping your glasses safe. Add in a little smiling sun to really drive home the point of what is inside of the pouch.

58.) Travel Tissue Pack

travel tissue sewing project

Having to reach for tissues while out in public is never ideal. But it can be a little less gross when you have a custom tissue cover for your travel tissue packs. Something without frills can be made in a short time, giving you a practical yet pretty case.

59.) Pillowcase Dress

pillowcase dress sewing project
(Positively Splendid)

Pillowcases are for more than pillows. Depending on how big the case is, you can create a simple, billowy dress for young girls. You can test your patchwork out as well, stitching in different patterns and accompaniments if it suits you.

60.) Journal Cover

journal cover sewing project

Keeping a journal is recommended for plenty of different reasons, but looking at that boring hardcover can become monotonous. Sewing a unique cover together can make your journal feel less bland and make it more exciting when you go to add a new entry. You can even stitch in something as it relates to themes in your life and your journal.