Feb 17, 2010

Fire Up - A DIY Campfire Kit?

Fire Up is a campfire do-it-yourself-kit designed by Evelien Stamhuis to help you build a roaring fire in no time. Everything one would need is in the bag.

I have no idea how much it costs, or whether its actually for sale...but I wonder what the functionality is? Are open campfires legal and encouraged in the Netherlands? Can anyone - namely someone who doesn't know anything about building fires - just plop down and set these things ablaze? Or, would someone bring this with them on a camping trip?

I really do get it as a design project, and I'm sure it works wonderfully. But though I'm not sure of the environmental impact of burning wood, isn't one of the points of campfires to use fallen fuel? It seems strange and ineffecient to process and ship wood (these have clearly been milled) to be consumed.

Am I totally wrong here? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.



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Chris on Feb 17, 2010:

Stevo - Thanks for your thoughts. I think you've pegged it.

stevo on Feb 17, 2010:

I saw this a few days ago elsewhere, and I thought the same as you at first - but came to the conclusion the intent is to be used for special occasions, I.E. "will you marry me?" scenarios. Kind of a designer light fixture for the outdoors. I don't get the impression that this is intended to be a solution to a problem, but just design for design's sake. I dig it. It may very well be scrap from another item manufactured - I see this size of wood in local scrap bins all the time.