Grime Writer: A Soap Pen that Temporarily Tags Dirty Surfaces

I’m a huge fan of street art, but understand that the best achieves a delicate balance between installation and vandalism. At its worse, it’s tagging, and destruction of property. Unless, of course, you use soapy water to adorn dirty surfaces.   Enter the Grime Writer, a sponge pen that you fill with soapy water, and use to artistically remove dirt. 

With the Grime Writer, not only will your rap sheet stay clean but your art will as well. The Grime Writer is a special chunky marker pen that gets filled with cleaning solution to allow you to create art where there is currently filth. The pen is not just limited to the occasional “Wash me” tag you’d put on someone’s back windshield, with the Grime Writer pen you can add art to tons of places that are covered in filth. You’d be the kindhearted Banksy.

Of course, some surfaces can still be damaged, so do be smart. Could this be achieved with a cut dish sponge and some household soap? I don’t know…go find out!

The Grime Writer – $12.95 at Cool Material