Drink More Whiskey

There’s nothing not to like about a hand-illustrated book entitled Drink More Whiskey.Emily from The Kitchn says, “If you’ve ever wanted to know more about whiskey but felt intimated or put off by stuffy experts, then this is the book for you. Daniel Yaffe’s Drink More Whiskey is a fun, unpretentious, and highly informative guide to whiskey, scotch, rye, bourbon, and all the rest. You’ll learn about the history and geographies of whiskey, how to drink it, and how to learn what you like.”

I haven’t seen a copy in person yet, but I’ve got high hopes for this one. I already know at least three people on my holiday shopping list who’ll totally dig it, and I’m especially excited for the illustrations by Mary Kate McDeviit.

Read more of Emily’s profile of the book on The Kitchn: Drink More Whiskey by Daniel Yaffe , or preorder it on Amazon: Drink More Whiskey: Everything You Need to Know About Your New Favorite Drink