The Versatile Suit: How to Wear Each Piece Separately with Style

A suit, as we’ve come to know it for the last century or so, is simply a sum of its parts: a jacket, pants, sometimes a vest. And while traditional advice has said a sport coat is a better fit with jeans, or that trousers and suit pants convey a significant different level of dress, with the right suit, you can split it up and wear in all kinds of combos.Taking inspiration from a piece in last month’s GQ, the Effortless Gent offer a complete guide to suit separates. They cover everything from fabric and texture choices to number of buttons, the article makes a strong case for the flexibility of going separate. 

Check it out: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: Choosing A Versatile Suit and Wearing Each Piece Separately [The Effortless Gent]