Ask ManMade: What the ______ Are Men Supposed to Wear to Dress Up in the Summer?

created at: 07/08/2013

Two weeks ago, it was a wedding in 95° heat with 95% humidity. Last weekend, a special night out at local restaurant we’ve been wanting to try. Next week, an out-of-town business-y trip to the desert. All of which have sweatingly, swelteringly reminded me: I have no idea how to dress up when it’s hot outside.   

Fall and winter? Easy. Bust out the layers, and almost anyone looks great in wool. Springs cool nights allow for plenty of jackets and long sleeves…but summer? I tried everything I have, and I can’t stop coming off like a college kid whose girlfriend is making him take her to her spring sorority formal, or an MBA about to do eighteen holes with his boss. (Nothing wrong with either, but those are just not the case here.) 

So, seersucker aside, what’s a guy supposed to do in the summer? The cats above (from the Miami-based Starz drama Magic City) just seem to have to tough it out, jackets and starched collars and all. But, there’s gotta be a better way.

So, please share some of your tips and best practices in the comments below. Is it about cuts? Materials? Are short sleeves, or even shorts, ever and option? Sandals? For those of you that live in warm weather places all year round, how to do you dress up without roasting? 

Let us know. I’m sure every guy can benefit from a chat like this. 

[Top Photo courtesy of Starz/Greg Williams for Vanity Fair]