6 Men’s Style Essentials for Winter

created at: 12/12/2012

Cold weather is the best time to dress like a man. It’s the season for bringing out the heavier, masculine fabrics and materials, layering up, and, generally, just look like a guy.   Our friends at Valet curated this great “Winter Wardrobe Checklist” where they offer six basic pieces that you can mix, match, and interchange for a serious style during these shorter days and cold winter’s nights.   

They say, “As we head into the dead of winter, getting dressed can propose a series of challenges in order to look sharp and stay warm. Here are the six must-haves every guys should have in his closet to make it through the frigid days ahead in style.”

Good stuff. Check it out at Valet: The Winter Wardrobe Checklist

[Photo by Mike Poresky. Licensed under Creative Commons.]