created at: 10/26/2010

There has been a particular trend lurking about the last few years. We refuse to say it out loud, but it has to do with automobiles, namely pickup trucks, and male body parts. Not the armpit hair convertible cover; no, not the y-chromosome scented air fresheners. The other one. You know what we mean.

We, and everyone who doesn’t partake in such assaults to common sense, would like to see that trend change. So, as a replacement, might we suggest the Carstache, the global leader in automotive facial hair?

created at: 10/26/2010   “Your first Carstache® feels like your first kiss, cold beer, snow cone, and slow dance. It’s glorious!

It just feels good. It feels powerful. Your car has been naked until now.

So strap a ‘stache, buckle up, and enjoy the ride!”

Pretty reasonably priced, as well. $39.99 and up at Carstache