The Portland Press Turns a Mason Jar into a French Press for Coffee

To date, I have broken four of the glass beakers from my Bodum French Press. Well, I’ve broken one and my wife broke three, but same/same. It’s beautiful glass, but it’s thin, and with daily use and cleaning, these things break. And cost at least $20 to replace.

The makers of the Portland Press know exactly what that’s like, and seek to remedy it, by creating a new design of French Press that uses a standard (and very affordable) Mason jaras the main carafe for brewing coffee. 

The designers say, 

Home coffee-making equipment has come a long way, but the typical french press is still assembled from plastic and delicate glass in an overseas factory. We want to improve your coffee making experience with quality and materials that you can relate to. The Portland Press is a french press for a Mason jar, made in the state of Oregon, out of materials sourced in the USA. It’s a simple, clean, practical design made out of fundamental materials: glass, wool, steel, wood. Most importantly, the Mason jar is easy to replace if it breaks, and the rest of the Portland Press is backed with a lifetime warranty. 

The product is currently up for funding on Crowd Supply, with several levels of commitment. Check out their pitch video with lots of cool process footage:

There’s something about the drinking of coffee from a mason jar that’s a little much…but brewing in one of these beautiful things intrigues me quite a bit. I’ve never done one of these crowd funding projects yet, but I’m seriously, seriously considering backing this guy. You should too.

The Portland Press by Bucket