Pick Your Poison Coasters

Designer Ross Moody of 55 Hi’s, who last year brought us the birthday card that turns into a shot glass, now shares this cool typographic coaster set dubbed “Pick Your Poison.” Each coaster contains two recipes for a cocktail: a party-starter on the first side, and then a hangover curing breakfast/brunch drink on the reverse. 

Ross explains, “Delicious drink mixes to poison your night and the tasty breakfast antidotes to ease the morning pain. This set of 6 double sided coasters features popular drink mixes on one side, and the breakfast recipe to cure the hangover it causes the next morning. Drink too many vodka-filled “Ninja Turtles”? A breakfast with “The Shredder” should help sop up all your shame.”

Besides that pair, the set includes other clever combos – the Rusty Nail/Tetanus Shot, the Snakebite/Anti-Venom, and the like.

“Each coaster set comes with a title coaster, 6 popular drink concoctions, and 6 hangover-curing breakfast recipes. They are screenprinted on ultra thick blotter paper made specifically for sopping up condensation. Coasters are formatted with an ingredient list, preparation guide, and short description featuring fun facts or history of the item.”

Love this. Pick up a set of six at 55 Hi’s for $14.99, or three sets for $34.99