The Hierarchy of Candy

created at: 10/25/2010

It’s nearly Halloween, and at this point, we may as well just give up on our healthy eating until the new year. Obviously, they’re are heaps of Christmas food traditions, one really great classic meal for Thanksgiving, but on Halloween, we indulge in the booty of the beggar’s night: candy.

Any kid who participated knows the ritual: dump out your wares on the ground and sort – favorites, edibles, and piles to be traded. In that spirit, Cohen created the Candy Hierarchy, a “taxonomy is based on (even more) years of research and debate, on thorough testing and re-testing, on statistical comparison and quality measurement, on focus group testing, and on a series of FTIR scans that reveal various hydrocarbon peaks and whatnot.”

For another variation, check out this McSweeny’s blog piece from last year.

The Candy Hierachy