Roundup: 10 Favorite iPhone Cases for the Stylish Guy

iPhone Camera Case

In the era when everyone’s phone looks basically the same, it’s time to reskin your digital sidekick with a new suit.

Some cases are super bulky and look like a bad 90’s flashback…which, for us, dishonors the thoughtful design of the the actual piece. But, a phone case can not only provide protection but an extra boost of personalization. So, from geeky to sleek, we’ve got choices. 

1. Zorki Vintage Camera Case (above)

Love photography or old analog gear in general? Then this case is definitely for you. It adds a cool vintage touch to your device, plus, it’ll get a few people curious about what kind of camera is that – to which you can respond, “it’s called Instagram.”

Map iPhone case

2. World Atlas Case

The perfect companion to an avid traveler. This world atlas case is what any modern era pirate should have (a.k.a. Google map pirate).

Pantone iPhone Case

3. Pantone iPhone Case

Design nerd alert! Who doesn’t know about Pantone? They basically invented color…kinda. We chose this sleek black case as a minimal option for your phone, but there are TONS of colorful options to choose from. You could even snag a few for different options while still looking like your phone.  

Glow in the dark iphone case

4. Glow-in-the-dark case: 

This is like a night club of a case. Or that scene from Tron. Bring it to your next concert with you and ditch that Zippo (seriously, who uses that anymore?) or use it to find your keys while trying to sneak in late at night.

Walnut wood iphone case

5. Walnut Wood Case

Retro, rustic, and masculine. We kinda feel this should be the “standard case” for any DIYer. You could try making it yourself, but we say leave it to the pros. 

Marble iPhone Case

6. Black Marble iPhone Case

Marble is pretty “in” right now, if you care about that sort of thing. It’s being used as a backdrop for food photos, as a material for DIY projects, and as inspiration for print design and patterns. So, take this trend with you with this super sleek marble case, if you please. 

Paper iPhone Case

7. White Trash Case

We get the quirky name this case, but don’t really approve. Though, we dig the unique texture that looks very different from the regular “flat” look.

Pizza iPhone Case

8. Pizza Case

You know what they say…”you are what you eat.” Which makes me pizza. Whatever your eating habits are, this case will not get greasy in your pocket…and it doesn’t need to arrive hot in 30 minutes or less.

R2D2 iPhone Case

9. R2D2 Case

Our geeky side is really happy with this one. Even though this case doesn’t make all the cool noises R2D2 used to do, it does nail the look. Grab one for your phone and may the force be with you.

Watercolour iPhone Case

10. Watercolor Case

Fit for an artist! This case is meant to be a statement and will get you noticed. We love all the colour in it and the grungy feel. Very suitable for DIYers too!

So which one’s your favorite? Do you have more than one case? Let us know in the comments!