Make This: The Always Helpful Shopmade Featherboard

created at: 06/13/2016Working in the shop often requires a second set of hands. But what happens when you’re working alone? Que the helpful feather board. Here is a simple project to make your own helping hands.
Wide Featherboard

The instructions are written in French and English, but either way it comes out as a nice, wide featherboard that holds stock tight to the fence. This would be considered the traditional featherboard that uses the slot to secure the jig to the top of the table. 

Using scrap wood from around the shop on a project like this is ok, but it’s best to stick with hardwoods that don’t provide much spring, and certainly aren’t prone to cracking. So take a look at the project here to make your own, and let us know how you like your new second set of hands.