DIY Idea: Make a Rustic Copper Pipe Pot Rack

If your kitchen needs more storage space, and you cupboards are full and can’t stand countertop clutter, it’s time to hit the walls.    You may have seen plumbing pipe furniture DIY projects floating about the net – table legs, curtain rods, bookshelves, etc. But I like this approach for a couple of reasons. First – the use of copper instead of galvanized or black pipe gives this a totally different look, and would look awesome with everything from stainless steel to dark pans like anodized or cast iron. Secondly, the stacking of shorter pipes, rather than one large one, gives this a finished yet rustic look that makes it look more intentional…like “yeah, I chose to use plumbing fittings” rather than “I got a pipe from the home improvement store cause it was cheap.”

To make one, you’d need a length of 1/2″ rigid copper tubing, used for water lines. Pick up some 90° elbows and some flange plates, and have your pipe cut to length or snag a pipe cutter. Install the flanges with screws and anchors, then build your rack. If you know how to solder pipe, that’s a strong way to go. You could also try compression fittings or a strong metal adhesive to attach.

If you’re worried about the pipe getting bent or dinged, you could fill it with an appropriately sized dowel rod to avoid a hollow tube.

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