The Process: Crafting an Axe From Scratch

created at: 10/19/2014

John Neeman Tools began when Latvian carpenter Jacob asked a local village bladesmith to craft three timber framing tools for his timber framed homestead project. The two quickly realized how well they – and their craftsmanship – paired together, and so they recruited a young local blacksmith from another nearby village along with a couple other friends to form John Neeman Tools.   created at: 10/19/2014Each tool is hand-crafted in the local tradition handed down by the craftsmen’s forefathers and delicately forged in their small traditional workshops. With a focus on quality crafting methods, their company rose to prominence a few years ago when Jacob partnered with his brother to produce a few short films documenting their process. So settle in, lean back, and prepare yourself for the impulse to move to a cabin in Latvia. I honestly can’t say how many times I’ve watched this video over the past two years…

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John Neeman Tools - Axe