15 Modern Classic Books You Should Read Right Now

created at: 08/27/2014

I know “summer reads” are the cultural icon: books to be read on the beach, on long car trips, during a much needed week off work. But, I’m always more of a fall reader… Summers are for magazines and research for all the outdoor activities and bike trips and all-day grilling sessions and staying out during the long days and evenings. But fall? Fall is back to school time. Fall is the season when darkness comes earlier, and Saturdays become actual breaks, not just continuations of week-long go-go-go activities. For me, fall is the time to read books.

When I moved across the country. we cut our books down by 75%. I think it was actually more, but regardless: I’m trying to keep my personal library down. So, I’ll be sticking to the library, and as we all know – the wait lists for new fiction can be pretty intense.

created at: 08/27/2014

But! No matter – this fall, I’m gonna be trying to find some relatively contemporary fiction, but stuff that’s a few years old…so it’ll be easily available. I’ma use this list from Qwiklit as a starting place. It begins, “People may tell you that literature is dying, but plenty of authors are hard at work redefining the book world with groundbreaking and mind-bending works sure to be read and reread for quite some time. With so many books vying to be the next “Great American Novel”, this is merely a list of those who have earned their eminence and moved a generation some believed was devoid of literacy. “

It’s about a year and a half old, so there may be a few recently released options that should be added; namely, The Goldfinch and perhaps The Lowland. I’ve read seven on the list already, so I reckon I can probably complete it by the end of the year. Worth a shot.

The New Canon: 15 Modern Classics You Should Read Right Now

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