DIY Typographic Clamps

You know those internet things where everything you love gets summed up in one place? This is one of those for me… It combines my passion for making things, my love of type and design, and my sense of humor perfectly: alphabet clamps.

We all know the C-clamp, but what about the other twenty-five letters? Artist Robb Godshaw sought to figure that out with the Alphaclamp. He says, “From the I-beam to the C-clamp, the latin letterforms seem to have a chicken-egg relationship with the letter-shaped tools that bear their name. Is the C the basis for design, or simply a descriptor of the form? Curious about how the other letters would work as tools, I set out to explore the mechanical utility of the forsaken letters of our alphabet.” 

See the full build process at Instructables: C-Clamps? 25 Other Clamps They Don’t Want You To Know About…