Style Roundup: 5 Transitional Winter-to-Spring Basics

Spring-to-winter basics


While this crazy weather makes up its mind, here’s a few solid options to help you stay stylish during this transitional season. 

Most of us up north are still wearing parkas, and it doesn’t seem like we’ll be busting out our swimming shorts anytime soon. Between March and May the weather is pretty crazy: one day it’s nice and sunny, the next it’s cold and rainy with some crazy hail storms in between. And though it may not be as wild where you as as it is here, you should still take note of these basics which you’ll be able to wear almost all year long.

1. Canvas pants

Pardon our language, but, frankly, this style of pants is the sh*t this time of year. They are comfy without looking slouchy,but you can still dress them up. If it’s raining/snowing you can wear them with a pair of boots (roll the cuffs a bit) and as soon as the sun comes out you can put on your favorite kicks on.

2. A classic-fit button-down shirt with a pattern

You gotta have at least one button-down shirt in your closet that doesn’t fit into “the basics” category. By adding this staple piece you can dress up and still remain comfortable. Choose patterns in neutral colors so you add a bit of playfulness to your look without going overboard. Something in the realm of denim works too, as long as it’s not too cowboy-ish.

new balance oi polloi

3. A pair of modern-vintage kicks

Sneakers are it right now. You can totally take advantage of this trend and season by looking awesome and staying comfy. Choose a pair that has pops of color but isn’t too busy. Something grey or black does the trick. New Balance has quite a few of these “dressy” sneakers, and so does Nike.

topo designs

4. A functional water-resistant backpack

With a backpack like this you can go from biking through spring showers to hiking in the summer, and going for hot chocolate next winter. Water-resistant polyester is great and durable, and waxed-canvas looks awesome and is also durable but requires a bit more care (you may need to re-wax it at some point). Add some color to your choice to keep your look vibrant and fresh.

neutral pullover

5. A neutral or solid color pullover

A pullover is a must-have! You should always have one at hand for when the temperature drops unexpectedly and also to add a casual spin to any dress up outfits (e.g. wearing it with a shirt underneath). Choosing a neutral palette will keep it classy and versatile.

created at: 03/05/2014

6. A few fun, yet adult, socks

The times when you could wear gym socks with any outfit are over. The only reason why you should wear gym socks is because – well, you guess it – you are going to the gym! A modern stylish man should have at least a few socks that are not solid and dark Adding a bit of detail can take an outfit to a whole new level. They don’t have to be flashy! Just a bit fun. If you’re a dare devil and it’s warm enough you can roll up your pants a bit and show the world your patterns!

Oh! And always try to think of these pieces as “investments” – meaning, if you’re going to spend money on them, do your research and make sure they are good quality and that you’re going to be comfortable wearing them. Nothing beats a stylish, confident guy with a killer look.