Roundup: 6 Random Items You Totally Need NOW


This week, I’ve come across some seriously amazing items featuring awesome design, each stylish and useful in your daily life. 

1. Dustpan + Brush Set: Cleaning crumbs from your table has never been this stylish. This set acts as both, a modern addition to your kitchen/dining room area and a handy tool to tame your mess.

Herb Drying Rack

2. Herb Drying Rack: If you spent the whole summer pampering your garden, it’s very possible that you’ll be looking for a way to preserve your harvest for weeks to come. This drying rack is the perfect solution to have a few herbs ready to cook and it also looks awesome. You can even leave them in there as decoration.

Smoke house incense burner

3. Smoke House Incense Burner: Don’t worry, this isn’t a bad flashback from the 90’s (remember those clay dragons that puffed incense? No? Err…yeah, me either). This sleek burner will keep your home smelling fresh – especially after you abuse the BBQ to squeeze the last drops of summer weather. Best of all, it looks quite sleek/Scandinavian, so you can’t go wrong with that.


4. Copenhagen TV Tray: Speaking of Scandinavian design, what about this cool tv tray? I think it’s time to update that informercial-looking tray of yours that has dried up cheerios from when you were 10 (it’s ok, your among friends). It may not be the most affordable one, but it sure looks fit for an adult – even if you don’t end up buying, use it as inspiration for your next project!

Sodastream Source

5. Sodastream SourceMake your own fizzy water at home! How Mad Men of you. Instead of buying all of those italian soda bottles, save a few bucks buy investing in your own sodastream system. Sure, it’s not a cheap gadget, but you can have the freedom of creating your own soda mixes. Plus, it’s fun to pump that thing.

Tape gun

6. Tape Gun: Do we really need to sell you on this one? Like, come on. Bring it to the office and be the badass coworker that tapes boxes and documents like the lone ranger. Add a few martial arts moves and you’ll be THIS close to feeling like Chuck Norris.

So, are you getting any of these random finds? Yes? Awesome. See, we told ya, you totally needed them!