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Sep 16, 2010

ManMaker: Helmut Smits' Drum Kit from Recycled Cans

created at: 12/01/2010


Boy are we glad someone thought of… read more


Sep 15, 2010

A Plush iMac

created at: 09/15/2010

Textile artist Kerry Hughes created this one-off fully plush iMac, complete with Logic Pro screen, wireless Mighty Mouse, and… read more


Sep 14, 2010

We Want: Atari Wall Decals!

retro gaming stickers

For those who can't just get enough of retro video games and don't mind geeking up your decor, ThinkGeek offers these Atari Wall Decals. "$35-45 will let you create a scene from Asteroids, Centipede or Pong on the large, flat surface of your choice." Can't beat that.

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Sep 14, 2010

The Mafia Takes an Interest in Renewable Energy

created at: 09/14/2010

Talk about greenwashing. As it turns out, the Italian Mafia has taken quite an interest into the wind power business. Inhabitat reports, " Fraud is rampant in Sicilian mob strongholds like Corleone, where the Mafia owns many wind farms. The reason: power from wind farms is sold at a high rate because of generous government subsidies intended to expand the renewable energy sector. All the mob has to do is buy off local politicians and voila, the Mafia owns the lucrative wind power… read more


Sep 14, 2010

Ctrl-V, Ctrl-X, and Ctrl-Z Come to Life

created at: 09/14/2010

No matter how many times someone does it, we think digital tools rendered into their analog counterparts are always… read more


Sep 08, 2010

Revenge of This Nerd: Movie Character T-Shirts from Found Item Clothing


created at: 09/08/2010

If you haven't noticed already, I'm a bit of a movie freak. And my taste is not high-brow. Which is why I love the t-shirts from Found Item Clothing. These guys founded their business on this very simple idea: Why can't I have a shirt like that one guy in the movie? 

created at: 09/08/2010

Through utterly thorough re-watchings of fine films such as Revenge of the Nerds, What About Bob, and Real Genius, they've been able to re-create perfect replicas of shirts worn by characters in movies.

The world is on ironic t-shirt overload these days, but I think it takes a devoted fan to get super excited about wearing a shirt… read more


Sep 05, 2010

Please Welcome Guest Blogger, Polly Conway

Hi friends - I'll be away from September 4th - 12th on fine trip up and down the New England coast, and I'm excited to welcome my friend and maker Polly Conway to explore all sorts of mens and crafts and generall good times.

created at: 09/03/2010

So, get to know her a bit better, and say hi!

Polly Conway is a writer and craft dilettante living in Oakland, CA. Her current unfinished projects include a nearly done cross-stitch, a 1/25th completed afghan, and a quilt that currently exists only in her mind. Polly runs her own small crafty business, Pollyannacowgirl, selling the projects she can finish, and represents at shows all over California… read more


Sep 03, 2010

Business Cards for Fictional Companies - How Many Can You Name?

created at: 09/03/2010

We're both cracking up and inspired by this series of business cards for fictional companies from films, television shows, and comic books. "Day Jobs" by Fernando Rez "pays nerdy, Easter Egg-laden homage 'to the hard working men and women who keep our beloved fictional companies going.'

Printed on Rolodex-ready business card stock. Extremely limited run of 20 S+N 11” x 17” prints are available for $25/pop."

We can connect fifteen of the twenty-one to its pop culture origin; how many can you? Let's see if we can get them all down in the comments… read more


Sep 02, 2010

Ninjabread Men Cookie Cutters!


These molded-plastic cookie cutters are sharper than a katana blade! The ninjas are snapping each other's legs off faster than you can bite off their heads! They're...well, pretty darn cool.  

People i know - Guess what you're getting for… read more


Sep 02, 2010

File Under Awesome: Super Mario Bros. Office Cabinets

Super Mario Filing Cabinet Filing Cabinet 2   Super Mario Bros

I was gonna start this post with an "If I had filing cabinets like these, maybe I wouldn't let the piles on my desk get so high..." but I won't. Cause it's not true, and that's a dumb thing to say,… read more


Sep 01, 2010

ManMaker: Mustachioed Illustrations by Dale Murray

created at: 12/01/2010


created at: 09/01/2010

We spied these illustrations by Dale Murray this morning, and they've been making us smile all day. Perfect blend of vintage playfulness and contemporary cleverness.

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Aug 31, 2010

Totally DIYable Faux Fur Writeboard

created at: 08/31/2010

We've all done it. Out of seats at a family gettogether or a friend's awesomely bad shag-carpeted apartment, we sit on the ground, and realize that a strong stroke against the grain of the carpet results in a perfectly, inversely colored line, exactly where your finger pressed against it.

Designer Gonçalo Campos took the phenomenon to the next level, by creating this faux-fur writeboard that serves as "a much more comfortable message board, with no need for erasers or pens."

created at: 08/31/2010

And since we really appreciate Goncolo's inventiveness, we think this deserves an at-home remake. We're pretty sure we played with this very… read more


Aug 31, 2010

Cool Collection of Yarn Bombing and Graffiti Knits

created at: 08/31/2010

I have a huge respect for public art, am engaged by thoughtful street art, but have no respect for taggers (c'mon, guys; it's 2010). So, the idea of renegade public crafting is exactly the kind of thing that gets me jazzed.

Yarn bombing, a.k.a. graffiti knitting, is the act of an artist who seeks to improve an urban landscape by thoughtfully placing handmade fiberarts in a public place. These serve to beautify and engage, and are left indefinitely, or until the authorities have the piece removed.

(That's not really an official definition, but sounds pretty good, yeah?)

Our friend Dana from Yellowtrace has assembled a pretty rocking collection of such works. All of them are engaging to look at - the colors against the browns and grays of the street are amazing, but many also make public… read more


Aug 30, 2010

Forget the Stairs! A Concrete Spiral Slide Goes Outside to Get from One Floor to the Other

"Hey, Chris. I need you downstairs for a sec, but be careful, cause your dad is doing his glassblowing on the stairs again."

"No problem...I'll just take the slide."


At least, that's how I imagine the conversations in this… read more


Aug 30, 2010

Free Download: Papercraft Robot Skull

For years, Noah from Skull-A-Day has been offering this great free, downloadable papercraft skull . Recently, he gave the outline a fun robot skin that plays with the balance between technology and… read more

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