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Apr 26, 2010

What Stormtroopers Do in Their Downtime

created at: 04/26/2010

As the personal army of Emperor Palpatine, Stromtroopers have plenty on their plates: attacking Jedi generals, keeping the Death Star secure, and wearing white, functionally ineffective armor. But even the most devoted soldiers can't be on duty twentyfour hours a day.

So, Stefan took on a year long project: StormTroopers365, which catalogs all the things a Stormtrooper might do in a year, one photo a day. The project began in April 2009, and the final photo posted on April 4,… read more


Apr 23, 2010

The Trustworthiness of Beards

created at: 04/23/2010

Unless your a complete hermit and/or man craft blogger (ahem...), you come across people you don't know everyday. And it's likely that at least half of them will be men, and half of that group will have facial hair. This, it turns out, is a good thing, as the key to judging both character and sinister lies in one's beard.

So, simply print out this handy reference chart by Matt McInerney for your easy reference.

created at: 04/23/2010

Just remember, it goes… read more


Apr 21, 2010

So You Need a Typeface Flowchart

Hi all - I've had some medical tests today that have left me feeling pretty rotten, so please allow me a "low content" day.

That said, this "So You Need a Typeface" flowchart image by Danish design student Julian Hansen is, at once, both hilarious and quite helpful.

created at: 04/21/2010

From Julie Anderson, Julian's teacher, of Inspiration Lab : "I never usually feature my students but I’m going to make an exception, we had such a brilliant critique today that I just want to say “Thank god for passionate students like mine!”. You guys rock!! (in spite of our verbal whupping; better to have tried and failed than not to have tried at all). So let’s end the week with a student project, an info graphic related to the job we do as graphic designers. Julian did a flowchart of the choices we go through choosing fonts, with a humerous approach. A brilliant job on such a… read more


Apr 20, 2010

Off the Shelf: Knits Men Want

created at: 04/19/2010

Knits Men Want is a knitting pattern book, written by a fellow, but subtitled "The Ten Rules Every Woman Should Know Before Knitting for a Man."

created at: 04/19/2010

ManMades appreciates that it recognizes that guys are interested in handmade goodies, but aren't terribly excited about its presumed audience.

Though, politics aside, this is a good one. Really. I spent almost an hour with it today, and it's got the goods. The patterns are awesome, easy to follow, and account for different sizes and gauges. The photos are great, and it contains lots of sharp tips for creating things… read more


Apr 19, 2010

ManMade Giveaway: Win One of Five FREE Copies of Make It! Secondhand Chic

created at: 04/19/2010Hello, ManMade land! Last week, I mentioned I'd participated in a new publication,Make It! Secondhand Chic. I also mentioned that this week, we'd be doing the first of what I hope to be many ManMade giveaways, in which we'd give away five FREE PDF-versions, and so here we are!created at: 04/06/2010

To be entered, all you have to do is say hi in the comments below, making sure you enter a valid email address, so we can let you know if you win! And you can increase your chances by sharing the goodness on Facebook or Twitter. Just use the easy buttons below!

Below are the intro pages to two of the five projects I wrote and and photo'd. It's all about repurposing and reviving thrift-store and flea market pieces to make 'em fresh again, and I must admit, it's pretty cool.

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Apr 16, 2010

50 Super Creative and Inspiring Ads for the WWF

When you're pushing the conservation and restoration of the environment, rather than some new product or service, the inspiration must just keep on coming.

Whoever the WWF (World Wildlife Fund or the World Wide Fund for Nature, depending on where you live) has on their ads, they best keep them around. This is advertising at its finest.

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Apr 14, 2010

Handmade Haiku: Fire Makes Androgyny A-Okay!

created at: 01/13/2010

14 April 2010: Fire Makes Androgyny A-Okay!read more


Apr 14, 2010

Totally Horrifying Stationary

There was a time I thought the embossed petunias and tiny blue birds on my grandma's thank you notes were the scariest things I'd ever seen printed on stationary.

And then this morning, I stumbled upon the letterheads of 13th Street, Germany's premier horror and crime channel, designed by Jacques Pense. Each sheet of paper, envelope, and note are emblazened with zombies who interact with the office supplies that are place upon them - staples through the face, a binder ring in the eye, or peeled off flesh from an envelope… read more


Apr 13, 2010

Google Maps Envelopes Let You Send Snail Mail in Gmaps

google envelopes 500x397 Google Maps Envelopes Let You Send Snail  Mail in Gmaps

I just can't help it - unless it's one of the few snail-mail-only bills I still pay (God bless you, online bill pay option), I can't just push a plain white envelope through the mail. It just seems like such a wasted opportunity to not adorn that thank you note or whenSometimes, its just a little extra time spent on the lettering, others a quick doodle or a full on four-pane comic, or, if I'm feeling particularly glam-ish, I rock the inside-out security pattern option.

But these (Beta-only) Google Maps emails, printable directly from the Gmail interface, include an illustration all in their own.

"Designers Rahul Mahtani & Yofred Moik from the Industrial Design program at Syracuse University came up with this concept called Google Envelopes. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to map the course of mail and how it can tell a story? They came up with Google Envelopes, which can be sent through G-Mail itself. It’s only a concept, but totally viable and something people can immediately… read more


Apr 12, 2010

Crayon Carvings: The 12 Chinese Zodiacs in Crayola

Diem Chau is quite an accomplished artist, working in media such as ceramic and silk thread, porcelin bowls and toothpicks, and... crayons. But rather than scraping them waxily across construction paper, she carves them into the likeness of people and animals.

Most recently, she's tackled the signs of the Chinese Zodiac, a twelve-year cycle that relates each year to an animal and its reputed attributes.

From Diem's "About" page: "Chau combines common mediums and common means to create delicate vignettes of fleeting memory, gesture and form, resulting in works that combine egalitarian sensibility and minimalist restraint. Her work touches on the value of Storytelling, Myths and its ability to connect us to each other through cultural and humanistic similarities. Chau's current work drifts into new territory by exploring the periphery of the narrative, moments forgotten and faded, or too brief to… read more


Apr 08, 2010

8-Bit Pink Floyd: "The Dark Side of the Moon" in Chiptune

created at: 04/08/2010

"Have you ever wondered what Dark Side of the Moon would sound like if Pink Floyd had written it for [Nintendo] instead of for a rock band?" Of course you haven't, but Brad Smith did.

So, he created "Moon8," which is the entire album sequenced, arranged, and then played on the original Nintendo Entertainment System.  I've never been much into Dark Side of the Moon, and don't know much about chiptune music, but I've got heaps of respect for this one.

But props aside, I have no idea what I'm talking about, so I'll leave the proper critique to G4's Rick Damigella. "Not only does MOON8 sound good, it transcends sounding like music done for a video game. Sure, the tones are undeniably old-school NES, but nothing has been done to tweak the music to sound like it actually came from a game. This is a chiptunes recreation in its… read more


Apr 08, 2010

ManMaker: The Crazy Good Notebooks of Jason Grube

created at: 12/01/2010


created at: 04/08/2010

Jason Grube is a designer and illustrator from Tacoma, Washington, whose work finds great balance between clean digital logos and fun, handdrawn textures. His sketches have a healthy dose of precision, and his computer-based work have a wonderful sense of playfullness and… read more


Apr 07, 2010

A Bit of Inspiration: Couch Surfing

created at: 04/07/2010

Sometimes, there are those works that just capture everything you love, and for me, "Couch Surfing" by Tim MacPherson gets it right. Its playfulness is supported by its mundane surrounding, its cleverness is a strong as any, and it (presumably) existed just long enough to get the perfect shot. And I don't care if I sound mushy and nostalgic - on a warm spring day, its just… read more


Apr 02, 2010

Peep Show : The Best Easter Candy Dioramas the World Has Ever Known

created at:  04/02/2010Marshmallow peeps - those eternal reminders of the Resurrection (and by eternal, we mean standing alongside Jesus, cockroaches, and Twinkies in their outlasting the Armaggedon) - happen to be sized just right to be sugary-squeezed into dollhouse furniture.

Which makes them perfect fodder for endless entertaining dioramas featuring bold yellow bunnies and cruchy cyan chicks. For the last four years, the Washington Post has been hosting a contest, calling for all sorts of creative scenarios to place these neon sugar-coated 'shmallows.

created at: 04/02/2010

"Our annual Peeps diorama contest is a cultural barometer -- a three-dimensional essay on the state of the nation's collective consciousness, a sticky finger on the pulse of what's popular. This year's 1,100-plus entries told us what's on your minds once again, and we sifted through that flood of submissions, painstakingly narrowing the contenders in our fourth annual contest down to 50, then down to five, and finally down to one"

created at: 04/02/2010

That "one" this year is "Eep," a homage to "Up" which recreates Carl's house from popsicle sticks and the thousands of… read more


Mar 31, 2010

A Handmade Haiku for Easter: Sometimes, Handmade Festivities Can Overshadow Their Original Intent

created at: 01/13/2010

31 March 2010: Sometimes, Handmade Festivities Can Overshadow Their Original Intent

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