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Aug 05, 2010

Craft Fail: A Total Family Knitmare

created at: 08/05/2010

Full length body suits are totally terrifying when worn by couples, but it turns out, when a family's involved, one only needs handmade yarn mask to induce nightmares.

Please, note the pie, the bowtie, and the matching white shirts. And we dare not guess what the daughter does in her spare… read more


Aug 04, 2010

Cool Graffiti Work by Ukrainian Street Artist

Folks are calling street artist Sharik "the Ukranian Banksy," but I think its safe to say there are LOTS of politically charged, humorous street artists making paintings and installations all over the world.


Okay, so maybe his stenciling and color choices are a little "inspired" by some of Banksy's work, but c'mon! A milk bottle holding that militarized Coke hostage? Stands on… read more


Aug 03, 2010

Unbelievable Mini-Masterpieces Handcarved from Pencils

created at: 12/01/2010

created at: 08/03/2010

Plenty of artists use pencils to create their work. And so does Dalton Ghetti...but rather than spreading the graphite all over a piece of paper, he slowly etches it away, until a tiny sculpture remains.

Some of Dalton's work can take as long as two-and-a-half years, and understandably so.

More photos after… read more


Aug 03, 2010

What America Eats: An Infographic

created at: 08/03/2010

Visual Economics have created this easy-to-interpret infographic that displays what an average U.S. citizen eats each year., who featured this last week, remarks, "The quantity of fruits and vegetables we eat is actually a little higher than I'd expect, though we still consume more sweets and sodium than we should. The chart also doesn't expose the extent to which corn goes into other foods. If you want to find out your own recommended daily caloric intake, by the way, here's a calculator."

Click through for a huge, legible… read more


Aug 02, 2010

Things We Like: Masculine Wallpapers

Close your eyes. (Well, read this paragraph, then close your eyes) When I say the word, "wallpaper," what's the first thing that pops into your head?

Chances are, it's some intricately floral design, or some gawdy design from your grandparents house or the hallway of your first studio apartment. Which is too bad, really, cause the idea of a big, bold graphic pattern on your wall has lots of potential.

Thankfully, modern designers are using new tools like digital photography and computers with classic printing techniques to create a whole new generation of wallpaper, plenty of which have a fine masculine touch… read more


Jul 28, 2010

Bookshelf Porn - Don't Drool on the Pages

created at: 07/28/2010

For those nerds, like me, who are infinitely inspired by photos of bookshelves.

Really, really, cool… read more


Jul 28, 2010

Why You Should Never Ask a Graphic Designer to Create a Poster for Free...

Shannon lost her cat, and asked David, a graphic designer, to come up with a poster, and placed plenty of demands, including an incredibly quick turn around time.

A seriously funny email dialog and some Photoshop hijinks… read more


Jul 26, 2010

Photos That Imagine What an Infant Might Be Dreaming

created at: 07/26/2010

If you're an artist on maternity leave, spending the day with your beautiful new child, and have a collection of fabric and textiles to make imaginary worlds, what would YOU do?

I'd do the same as Adela Enerson, who came up with this fantastic way to stay creative while her new daughter, Mila, naps: create scenarios around her that imagine what she might be… read more


Jul 23, 2010

Man Lettering

created at: 07/23/2010

Jon Contino is a New York-based designer, illustrator, and typeographer. His impeccable hand-lettering, and an appearance in new book, New Ornamental Type, make one thing clear: this dude has got it down.

read more

Jul 22, 2010

A Collection of Cargo Bikes

Moving by Xtracycle_Flickr_cleverchimp

They can laugh if they want to, but the humble bicycle continues to be pushed and expanded to carry more than just one's person. This collection of cargo bikes, or "human powered pickup trucks," can carry the payload of a small sedan, at least.

apartment move load on Yuba Mundo_Flickr_theoelliot

Gardening haul on JoeBike_Flicker_grrsh

Our favorite is certainly this guy, which can haul dimensional lumber and a whole heap… read more


Jul 21, 2010

How to Be an IRONIC Ironic Hipster - Moustache Finger on a Stick

Stylized moustache? Hipster.

Stylized moustache tattoo on your finger? Ironic hipster.

So what's the next step? Why removing yourself even one step… read more


Jul 20, 2010

Handcrafted Philosophical Bottles by Chris von Szombathy

created at: 06/14/2010

created at: 07/20/2010

Wouldn't it be great if you could belly up to a cafe table with a group of friends, order a round of beverages, and be served a line of these handpainted containers, complete with a bit of philosophy and a whole heap of fun?

created at: 07/20/2010

Designed (and presumably handpainted) by Canadian artist Chris von Szombathy, they're part of a series dubbed "77 Bottles." More about Chris from his bio page:   "Chris von Szombathy is a visual & auditory artist/producer, designer and writer residing in Vancouver, Canada. His work deals with modern social, visual and economic culture, with a focus on referencing pop culture… read more


Jul 19, 2010

BigDog: The Car-Crushing DIY Bicycle Monster Truck

created at: 07/19/2010

Any urban cyclist can tell you - even the smallest, two-door coupes can seem monstrous while they're three inches from your handlebars and whizzing past you at forty-five mph.

So, the possibility of this 600-pound, four-person-powered bicycle (quadcycle?) that can roll over a car is certainly...interesting.

The Big Dog is "a wonderfully impractical assemblage of bicycle, go-cart, and golf-cart pieces and parts, drainage pipe, steel tubing, and patio chairs. This four-wheel vehicle allows four passengers to travel in minor discomfort at speeds approaching a brisk walk, for relatively short distances, on completely flat… read more


Jul 19, 2010

The Internet! An Infographic

created at: 07/19/2010

Do you know how many human brains it would take to hold the internet? How many videos are watched on Hulu each month, or how many tweets are sent each day? Well, you should, and now you can, through the power of a finely illustrated… read more


Jul 16, 2010

A Matter of Taste: Fashion Made from Food

Edible Helmet

Italian photographer Fulvio Bonavia created a series of hats, belts, handbangs, headphones, shoes, and other fashion accessories out of food for a new photography book called, "A Matter of Taste."

read more
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