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Nov 18, 2010

May the Force (of Typography) Be with You

created at: 11/18/2010

ASCII art has come a loooong way, like so far, perhaps even from a galaxy far, far away...

Terrible, I know. Anyway, these are cool. Especially that Rockwell W for the… read more


Nov 18, 2010

NYU Professor Gets a Camera Implanted in the Back of His Head

Your mom may have threatened that she had eyes in the back of her head, but if Wafaa Bilal has kids, he'll be telling the truth.

The assistant NYU photography professor is about to have a camera implanted into the back of his head. The thumbnail sized camera will be thread through his skin in a similar manner to a piercing.


"The project is being commissioned by a new museum in Qatar. But the work, which would broadcast a live stream of images from the camera to museum visitors, is sparking a debate on campus over the competing values of creative expression and student privacy. [He] intends to undergo surgery in coming weeks to install the camera, according to several people familiar with the project.

For one year, Mr. Bilal's camera will take still pictures at one-minute intervals, then feed the photos to monitors… read more


Nov 17, 2010

How To: Make Your Own McRib

created at: 11/17/2010

I, myself, have never had a McRib sandwich, McDonald's limited run sandwich first introduced in 1981 but I certainly know it's cult-like following that has inspired sites like the McRib locator, and moves folks who would never otherwise go inside a McDonald's to make interstate pilgrimages. 

It's currently in restaurants nationwide for the first time in sixteen years, but there soon come a time where it won't. And then what?

Why you make your own, of… read more


Nov 17, 2010

Canstruction: Amazing Sculptures from Canned Goods

created at: 11/17/2010

Being as we're in the midst of football season, you could head to any megamart, and no doubt see some unnecessarily large stack of soda or beer cans styled after your local team. Those displays tend to come on a little strong, but the idea isn't all bad, is it?

Enter Canstruction, an "event that challenges local engineers, architects, contractors and students to create massive, innovative structures using the canned good to raise awareness and food donations for the hungry. The NYC winners are currently being showcased at the World Financial Center through November 22nd, where the public can peruse the can-creations and even participate by dropping off their own canned food donations!"

read more

Nov 16, 2010

The Origin of the Beatles Logo

created at: 11/16/2010

Today, Apple announced that the Beatles catalog is now available on iTunes. Most people reacted by saying, "the Beatles weren't on iTunes?" and the rest said, "If you're a Beatles fan, then you already have most of their catalog in your iTunes library."

But, here's a bit of Beatles news worth mentioning: the new book Just My Type: A Book About Fonts contains a chapter “The Serif of Liverpool,” discussing the origins of the Beatles famous logo, forever emblazoned on Ringo's kick… read more


Nov 15, 2010

New Conceptual Novel Tells its Story by Cutting Away the Text of Published Work

I don't think Jonathan Safran Foer is my favorite author, but whenever anyone asks me what they should read, I give them the names of his first two novels, Everything is Illuminatedand a personal favorite, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. His non-fiction work, Eating Animals, tops my Christmas list this year, so I was pretty fascinated when I spied his latest project: Tree of Codes

It was "created by slicing out chunks of text from Foer’s favorite novel, The Street of Crocodiles by Polish author Bruno Schulz. The result is a spare, haunting story that appears to hang in negative space on the… read more


Nov 12, 2010

Moustaches Make a Difference

created at: 11/12/2010

created at: 11/12/2010

Without his signature handlebar, Mario was merely a plumber. The same is true for Salvador Dali, who, minus his signature facial hair, was simply a crazy person.

Or, so says Moustaches Make a Difference, a TBWA campaign for Movember, the month in which folks grow moustaches for mens' health… read more


Nov 11, 2010

Nashville Musician Shingles His Roof with Records

created at: 11/11/2010

Jazz instrumentalist Matt Glassmeyer needed a roof for his porch. As a musician, he knows plenty about vinyl albums, and has a history of inventing clever items: "the shuitar (an acoustic drum machine-like instrument made from an acoustic guitar body), the buzzophone (tenor saxophone played with a custom trumpet-like buzzing mouthpiece), and amplified contra-alto clarinet."

So, Matt put his creativity to work and came up with an idea for his… read more


Nov 10, 2010

Clever (and Weird) Gingerbread Mannovations

created at: 11/10/2010

created at: 11/10/2010

Somewhere between age eight and wherever you are now, classic gingerbread shapes no longer satisfied. Sure, they still taste delicious, but a human shaped cookie with a head, two arms, and two legs, and no pyrotechnics? Well, that's just boring.

created at: 11/10/2010

From architecturally satisfying houses to human rights campaigns to Nazi re-creations (what?!), we love some gingerbread… read more


Nov 09, 2010

The 2010 Barney's Christmas Window Display Goes Foodie


Every year, I'm officially ready for the holiday season when three things happen: 1) I stop being surprised by all the Christmas commercials; 2) I begin to toy with the idea that maybe, just maybe, this will be the year I learn to like egg nog; and 3) Simon Doonan's Christmas windows at Barney's are unveiled.

created at: 11/09/2010

Last year, I actually got to see the SNL-themed displays, sporting a Conehead Christmas and an extra-large Mango, Gilly, and Mary Catherine Gallagher. This year, Doonan and co. have hit the kitchen for… read more


Nov 08, 2010

I'm Taking a Drawing Class (and You Should Too!)

created at: 11/08/2010

On Saturday, I attended the first session of my six-week drawing class. It's my first official creative instruction class since eighth grade. I make, saw, draw, sew, cut, paint, and cook stuff daily, and I haven't had any instruction in fourteen years.

I make my living writing about, creating, and showing other folks how to make art, design things, and craft their way to a more fulfilling life. And I have no official training. I studied humanities in college, and had no room for visual arts coursework. I started my master's degree Ph.D-bound, preparing for a life in academia. 

In short, I'm totally winging it here.

So, I decided to try something new. Instead of just figuring it out myself, I decided to seek some actual instruction, and see where… read more


Nov 08, 2010

Balloon Tank

created at: 11/08/2010

If there are gonna be tanks, then this is the only way we wanna seem 'em: boldly colored, deflate-able, and safe for kids to play on.

created at: 11/08/2010

Apparently, at the end of the exhibition, the piece was deflated for a group of youngsters:

created at: 11/08/2010

created at: 11/08/2010

We don't have much else to say, since out source is in German, but check out more photos and details: 

++Hans Hemmert 


Nov 05, 2010

Construction Puzzle Cookie Cutters

We love these new cookie cutters by Mizuguchi Nami. Sold as a construction/puzzle/science-y toy thing, though would make equally good throwing stars.

read more

Nov 05, 2010

I Can't Find My Phone

created at: 11/05/2010

I'd seen this make the blog rounds last week, and I wasn't gonna post about it. But, wouldn't you know it...this morning, on my way out to a meeting, I couldn't find my phone, which contained a text message of the address where I was supposed to be.

So - take it from first person experience. It's simple, it works, and the site looks pretty cool as well. Provided you can hear the vibrations of your… read more


Nov 04, 2010

LEGO Frog Dissection

created at: 11/04/2010

You know what beats the smell of formaldehyde?

Well, everything, but you know what else? This LEGO frog dissection, that's what.

Built for the MOC Olympics category Lego Anatomy on, it'll take you back to 8th grade, and then remind you how happy you are that you're not in 8th grade anymore. For allread more

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