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Jul 15, 2010

China's Life-Sized Optimus Prime Built out of Junk Cars

Chinese engineers have constructed a thirty-three foot tall (life-sized?) statue of Optimus Prime. House at the Bird's Nest in Beijing's Olympic Park, the piece was created entirely from used cars and other wasteread more


Jul 13, 2010

Your Message Here: Awesome Mobile, Community Art Project

created at: 07/13/2010

This morning, we're totally inspired by "Your Message Here," an ever-changing mobile art project that brings beauty to the words of the masses.

Created by Shauna and Stephen of my new favorite blog, "Something's Hiding in Here," "Your Message Here" is a wooden marquee sign that moves from store window to sidewalk to the middle of nowhere, and includes a new, simple saying wherever it lands. The work was "inspired by industrial letter signs, multi colored text, and everyday sayings," and it nails each of those on every account.created at: 07/13/2010

And the best part? The pair has included step-by-step photos of their building the whole thing from scratch, including creating the basic frame from wood, installing the lights, and adding the vinyl (?) letters to the wooden… read more


Jul 12, 2010

As Good As Art Gets: Real World Illustrations by Sandrine Estrade Boulet

created at: 07/12/2010

I've been through Sandrine Estade Boulet's photo/illustration gallery in its entirety three times, and I'm still smiling.

created at: 07/12/2010

Whilst out and about, Sandrine snaps a photo of all sorts of things - building facades, patches of grass, garbage, etc - then takes it home and uses the basic shapes to create lively and clever characters, fully integrated into their… read more


Jul 09, 2010

A Star Trek Home: Boldy Decorate Where No Man Has Gone Before

Tony Alleyne, trasnporter  console, star trek

I'd seen Tony Alleyne's home - which he's transformed into a replica of the Starship Enterprise - on at least ten home decor/design blogs, and had always ignored it. I don't know much about Star Trek: The Next Generation (read: Anything besides the fact that the dude from Reading Rainbow is on it and has no eyes, and that I think Whoopi Goldberg had something to do with it...), so I figured I couldn't really appreciate the good work, since I have no idea how it compares.

But, this week, I saw it again, and I've still never seen Star Trek TNG (check out my in-the-know abbreviation. I also learned about DS9!), and I think it's super… read more


Jul 08, 2010

Music Philosophy: Giving Song Lyrics a Graphic Punch

created at: 07/08/2010

UK-based designer and illustrator Mico Toledo loves music. And UK-based designer and illustrator loves typography as well, and he's fused his two passions together in his latest venture, Music Philosophy.

As he states, Mico had "nothing better to do," and he began to put some of his favorite and most inspiring song lyrics under the typographic spotlight, and see if a simple, well-constructed phrase can serve on its own as a piece of great graphic design.

As it turns out, it totally can. Mico's constructions are a brilliant smash of visual poetry, which end up, as Mico has dubbed them, working as philosophy,… read more


Jul 08, 2010

Calling All Social Networkers!

Hi everyone - After months of being a social networking Luddite and stick-in-the-mud, I've decided something: Twitter's pretty cool.

See, at first, I made the mistake of following people I actually know, and just re-hearing all the things I'm actually present for everyday. But then I realized - there's so much to be learned out there, and Twitter's a great way to experience it. And, if you get connected to the right places, you can access to all sorts of links and content that simply isn't anywhere else.

So, we're gonna try harder - ManMade's Twitter stream won't just be links to blog posts, but will hopefully contain all sorts of extra stuff, projects, how-tos, and inspiration. We'll try to be creative, we'll try to be funny, and we'll try to highlight stuff we think you'll dig on.

So, follow us. Say hi. Give us an @. We'll respond, I promise. More importantly, we can follow you and learn more about what you're interested in, and what you're like in the real world. It'll be fun.

Also, on the networking front, if you're not already hooked in to the ManMade Facebook page, join the family there, too. It's… read more


Jul 07, 2010

Peter Buchanan-Smith and the Urban Ax

created at: 06/14/2010

Both a completely functional "manly" tool and objet d'art, the perfectly crafted axes of Peter Buchanan-Smith have totally exploded over the last year.

created at: 07/07/2010

The New York Times Design Notebook recently visited Peter's Tribeca studio, where Peter and a few interns and employees handpaint each ax. Over the last year, the axes, sold under Best Made Co., have landed in the hands/galleries of Andy Spade, author Seth Godin, and filmmaker David Lynch.

created at: 07/07/2010

" 'With the ax, I wanted to do something simple and sweet,' he said. 'It was like an invitation to this world I wanted to create. The world of making things where notions of… read more


Jul 01, 2010

Cool Site: Ransom Note Generator

created at: 07/01/2010

I've been meaning to create one of those photo signage fontsets from scratch, but, at this point, it'll be pretty tough, having found The Ransom Note Generator.

read more

Jul 01, 2010

Killer Snakes Become Cobra Burgers!

So, out of kindness, the above picture is the only one I'll keep above the jump.

I've long said the only thing I'd never try, at least one bite of, is snake. And turns out, having seen Life's fascinating and slightly terrifying exposee on the Indonesian cobra burger trade, I was totally right.

Yet, I do encourage you to click through, and check out the additional images of the catching and processing (seems like it's a free range process), but just know, they're snakes. *Shudread more


Jun 29, 2010

America's Manliest Cities....Please Discuss.

created at: 06/29/2010

Combos (the filled preztel/crackery things) and researched Bert Sperling have just released the second edition of "America's Manliest Cities." The winner this year is Charlotte, North Carolina, with my own city of Columbus, Ohio in number two, and Kansas City, MO coming in third.

So, check out how they determine this: there are five criteria in which a city can be ascribed up to 100 points, based on per capita figures. They are the availability or consumption of

  • Sports - professional major league sports teams (football, baseball, basketball and hockey), the number of nearby NASCAR tracks and events, NHRA events, local drag… read more

Jun 28, 2010

'Mad Men' Series Designer Dan Bishop Discusses How He Gets the Sets So Right

"Anyone can go to Design Within Reach and buy some stuff and say: 'Look! It looks like "Mad Men." But if you actually watch the show, you'll realize you've never actually seen anything sold at DWR. The set dressers purposely avoid iconic mid-century pieces by outfits such as Herman Miller and Knoll, opting for timely pieces, not design classics. [I did spot a few Saarinen womb and office chairs when Don went to Calfornia, but they filmed it in the famous Case Study House #22, so in every way appropriate.]

"In keeping with the producers' gag order on details about the upcoming season -- even the exact year in which it's set -- he declined to talk about how the residential scenes, including Don and Betty Draper's home (or homes, should she go through with the divorce threatened in Season 3), might evolve this season. But he did share a few hints about how interior design changed going into the mid-'60s. "Part of it is a color thing," he said. The show is moving more toward primary colors, and away from the muted tones of the '50s. During that time, people moved more toward more curvilinear, shapes -- wilder shapes and colors. In one sense, I'd say it's less sophisticated, the '60s," he said. "We are moving toward that to a… read more


Jun 28, 2010

Hey, Baby... Nice Fibula: EIZO Medical Imaging Pin Up Calendar

March, BUTTER., Eizo, Print, Outdoor, AdsWe at ManMade appreciate the fine anatomy of a healthy figure - the subtle curve of a well-developed radius, a patella totally worthy of a catcall.

EIZO is a Japanese company that specializes in imaging technology and creating high precision displays to examine and diagnose radiographs. German-based advertising companies Butter designed this calendar as a play on the year-end pinup calendars given by companies to laborers. This one's intended as a pin-up for those in the medical industry.

Talk about graphic."… read more


Jun 25, 2010

Fresh Stone-Age Meat: Juicy and Tender Dinosaur Legs, Sabertooth Filets, and Mammoth Steaks

The new Bosch VitaFresh refrigerators work so well, they've kept prehistoric meat fresh for the last 65 million years. At least, I think that's what's going on in this write-up at Ypsilon2 (sorry, my Portuguese ain't so hot).

read more

Jun 24, 2010

The Original 1979 Pac-Man Drawings Unveiled

"Secret" Pac-Man DrawingsToru Iwatani created the original Pac-Man for Naamco in 1979, and recently shared his original sketches at the Festival of Games in Utrecht, Netherlands."Secret" Pac-Man Drawings

The "秘" means the documents are top secret, apparently. read more


Jun 23, 2010

The Bicycle Monowheel

created at: 06/02/2010

I have no idea what this is, or how it actually works, but I don't care.


How's this for awesome? It doesn't even needread more

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