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May 14, 2010

Smartphone-Powered Lego Robot Can Solve Rubik's Cube Faster than Anyone*

*Well, almost anyone, as the current record holder can solve one in under 20 seconds.

Motorola Droid Lego Robot Solves A Rubik's Cube Faster Than You CanBUT, this Motorola Droid-power Lego robot can solve on in 25 seconds, which is less time than it takes me to remember how to SPELL Rubik's Cube (Hint: there's no C...)

"he Mindstorms robot was programmed using a Motorola Droid, which runs on an Arm A8 processor clocked at 550MHz, to show the speed of their chips. A specially-built app takes a photo of the cube's side facing the camera, with the commands being sent to the Mindstorms robot over… read more


May 14, 2010

Boarding Pass/Fail - Stylish Airline Boarding Pass Re-Design

0tylerthomps011.jpgThe airline boarding pass...

You've seen then. Hard to read. Difficult to interpret. Generally aesthetically offensive. Probably not even functional unless you work for the airlines and know all the tricks.

Squarespace Creative Director Tyler Thompson had also seen them, and was equally frustrated, and decided to do something about it...0tylerthomps03.jpg

"So I took out my Moleskine and started sketching. I tried to remember my previous trip through John F. Kennedy Airport and when and why I needed to reference my boarding pass. It seemed like I first needed to know which flight I was on. I put the gate right next to this, but made the… read more


May 13, 2010

Wind-Powered Knitting Machine

Harvesting wind-power with a tiny-turbine at home might not produce enough electricity to power your refridgerator, or, heck, charge your mobile phone...But, Merel Karhof has harnessed its ability to create rotational energy to knit infinite yarn tubes, which wrap around ones neck perfectly.

wind knitting facotry logo

"With the power of the wind, a knitting machine knits from the outside towards the inside of a building. The knitted material is harvested from time to time and rounded-off in individually packaged scarves. Each scarf has its own label which tells you in how much time it has been knitted and on which… read more


May 12, 2010

169 Best Optical Illusions

created at: 05/12/2010

Sick of that duck/rabbit combo thing, or vases and faces? Sure you are, but optical illusions are still totally sweet.

Good thing Scientific American thinks so too, and they've collected 169 sweet, contemporary optical illusions that will melt your mind in all sorts of new ways. And they provide just enough science to help you understand what's going on without totally ruining the… read more


May 11, 2010

The World's Creepiest Taxidermy


Hell Cat

One of the first email forwards I ever recieved (so...1996?) was a photo of a stuffed mouse who'd had some sort of bird feet grafted onto him.

"That," I said, "Is the scariest non-alive animal contraptration I've ever seen..."

Turns out, I was waaaaaaay wrong. Environmental Graffiti has scoured the web and come up with a postmodern taxidermy primer, which, either by design or default, is quite creepy. Which makes sense: animal combinations (sphinx, griffin, minotaur, mermaid, etc) have been the stuff of myths and legends since the earliest cultural… read more


May 08, 2010

Creative Jell-O Shots

created at: 05/03/2010

The Jell-O shot - creating tiny flavored gelatin cups using vodka, tequila, or rum in the place of water - actually dates farther back than most of us would imagine... i.e. college campuses sometime in the 50s and 60s. The earliest recorded recipe, called "Punch Jelly," is found in the Bon Vivant's Companinion, writted by Jerry Thomas in the early 1860s.

Which means that the straight-up cherry or lime powder mixed with cheap liquor approach is a little antiquated, and could use an update.

Enter My Jello Americans, some youngsters from Philadelphia, who are committed to "the future of the Jello shot."

Featuring recipes like:

Ants on a Log


read more


May 06, 2010

What The F%&K Should I Make For Dinner?

created at: 05/06/2010

Nothing says "home cooked meal" like swear words in black Helvetica on… read more


May 05, 2010

Typographic Moustaches

fontstaches by Tor Weeks

Having a bit of trouble distinguishing the personalities of various typefaces? Perhaps this will help a bit - "FontStaches" (which should really be typefacestache, but we'll forgive).

It's amazing how much a simple 90-degree rotate gives a character we rarely use so much vibrance and… read more


May 04, 2010

Craft Fail: "Creative" Pet Grooming

"Now tell me, which one of these dogs would you want to have as your wide receiver on your football team?" - Buck Laughlin, Best in Show is the home of Sandy Paws, a creative pet grooming outfit in Yuca Valley, California. Their crowning achievement is Cindy the poodle, whom they've made up to be a Ninja Turtle, a chicken, a shark, a camel, a dragon, a peacock, as well outfitted in a  Pac-Man and Grateful Dead theme.

read more

May 03, 2010

One Dozen Unique, Food-Loving Tattoos

created at: 05/03/2010

If you asked the question, "Do you love food?" most people would say yes. It's the backbone of our culture, and an occassion to meet with friends and loved one, for learning about health and nutrition, and is a passionate hobby for many.

created at: 05/03/2010

If you asked these twelve individuals the same question, they'd better say yes...cause they'll be bearing their commitment to comestibles on their skin for the rest of… read more


Apr 28, 2010

Handmade Haiku: Even My Shiniest Scissors Seem Dull in Sun Like This

created at: 01/13/2010

28 April 2010: Even My Shiniest Scissors Seem Dull in Sun Like Thisread more


Apr 28, 2010

"Myth Busted" Proves Animated GIFs Can Still Crack Us Up

Mythbusters is a show that most ManMakers can get excited about. Sure, it's pretty science heavy, but they're always careful to detail the building of the gear, explaining the special tools and materials, and it usually ends in an explosion.

Some clever Mythbusters fan created this hilarious looping GIF that highlights the personae of the show's host - Adam Savage is quite silly, and Jaime Hyneman, well, looks like a walrus in a… read more


Apr 27, 2010

This is Spinal TAPE!

This is Spinal Tape

With a product name this good, you don't really need a tagline... But, just for fun, let's see what we can come up with.

1. Sacral stick 'um?

2. Dorsal duct tape?

3. Crud. That's all I got. Your turn: post 'em… read more


Apr 26, 2010

Five Unbelievable Life-Sized and Practical Lego Projects

LEGO, LEGOS, life-sized lego structures, lego sculptures, lego toys, lego creations, lego art, lego house, james may's lego house, lego animals, lego table, lego kitchen, green design, green design for kids, green design for families, lego building, creating with legos, ecomat lego building bricks, toy building bricks

No matter how old we get, we can't let go of Legos, those interlocking plastic blocks that can be eternally connected in infinite ways. And many of those infinite ways can actually go way beyond just playful modeling.

Inhabitots has assembled five of those constructions, all of which are real world uses of the popular brick, including an entire home by James May (above), recycled Lego-like blocks for use in developing nations or emergency shelter situations, zoo sculptures of endangered animals, a kitchen counter, and a large boardroom meeting… read more


Apr 26, 2010

A Moment in Time: Photographers All Over the World Will Take Photos at the Same Time on May 2nd

created at: 04/26/2010

Thousands of shutters all over the world will be released at the same moment, creating "A Moment in Time," a global art project that captures an instant across the planet.

The project is organized by Lens, the photography, video, and visual journalism blog of the New York Times. The magic hour will occur THIS Sunday, May 2nd, at 15:00 Coordinated Universal Time, which is 11:00 a.m. here in Eastern Standard Time, 10a Central, and 8a on the west coast.

"[In] our initial invitation, “A Timely Global Mosaic, Created by All of Us,” ... we asked everyone, everywhere, to join in making this worldwide photographic mosaic, with each photographer submitting their one best picture. As guidance, we suggested a few broad topics like arts and entertainment, community, family, money and the economy, nature and the environment, play, religion, social issues and work. And we also suggested that you might find the experience even more rewarding if you do some planning in advance, taking into account how best to represent yourself, and your community, with a… read more

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