Feb 04, 2011

Valentine's Day Card and Gift Guide for Guys

created at: 02/04/2011

While I always advocate making gifts for your loved ones, especially for B-side holidays like Valentine's Day, it's not always the most feasible option: the timing's bad, a lack of original ideas, or perhaps you're DIY skills aren't quite up to snuff.

In those cases, of course it's okay to buy something; just don't head to the card store at the mall.

Instead check out some of these cool card and gift options for guys.

created at: 02/04/2011

   My friend Carina and Capree have rounded up a cool, contemporary collection of stuff just right for modern, ManMade men.

Totally worth checking out.

Seriously Awesome Valentine's Day Cards for Him

14 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for the Modern Male



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