The L.L. Bean Guide to the Outdoors

In 1981, outdoor clothier L.L. Bean published The L.L. Bean Guide to the OutdoorsAdmittedly, I haven’t read it yet, but I so fell in love with the cover illustration that I just snagged a copy for less than $5.00 online. The early 80s publication date strikes me as perfect balance between today’s Gore-Tex and bright colors and the complete one-eighty of overtly nostalgic mountain man stuff we see today. Just classic, timeless tips for getting outside and seeing what the world has to offer.

Man, have I got cabin fever with all this snow and freezing temperatures. The book is no longer in print, but there are many used copies available for less than $5.00 including shipping. Check out: Amazon,, or Ebay.  

[via Doobybrain]