Free Downloads: Large Scale Printable Patent Wall Art

The team at Primer offer these free pieces of downloadable art. Just snag one (or all) of these vintage patent designs – such as the Fender Precision Bass, E. Sauer’s Camera with Coupled Exposure Meter, and the Double Edge Safety Razor – and take them to your local copy shop or office supply store and have them print them as an “engineering print.” 

Andrew says, ” love these prints: They’re minimalist in design and work in any room with almost any kind of frame. They’re beautiful line drawings – just imagine the skill needed to draw one of these before computers. They’re also incredibly versatile. You can hang them vertically or horizontally, based on whichever works best for you or what you think looks the coolest.”

Get all the downloads formatted by ColbyJH, at – Free Art Download: 8 Vintage Patent Designs