Stylish Illumination: 6 Masculine Lighting Choices To Brighten Your Space

industrial lighting

Time to come out of the dark ages of winter and shine some light in your home with some sleek, yet guy-friendly lighting options.

It’s easy to forget that lighting is one of the most important aspects to set up a space at home. If a room is too dark, it feels unbalanced and even depressing, while inappropriate use of light can make you feel like you’re at the dentist office. It’s all about finding the right balance.

You can get some of these awesome pieces or you can use them as inspiration for a super cool DIY project. Most of them are pretty affordable so they can fit your budget. A little bit of extra light can go a loooong way, so take note!

sleek lighting

1 Wooden Block Lamp $55.96

Less is definitely more. This minimal wooden block lamp can be used on any space; on your desk, shelves, by your night stand, you name it. The clean design and neutral colours will match your decor without a problem.

sleek lighting

2. Ledge Light $130

Another take on simple design, this ledge light is the sleekest of the collection. The white bulb adds texture and scale, plus it comes with some built-in storage. The red cord ads a touch of color for a subtle statement.

sleek lighting

3. Edison Lighting Sconce $49

This one is super cool. Check it: the board is made out of reclaimed maple wood from Thomas Edison’s Wisconsin phonograph factory. It even comes with an engraved plate with the factory location and serial number. Whoa! This is a piece of history plus an awesome lighting choice.

festival lights

4. Festival Lights $36

Festival lights can add a bit of a “marquee” effect. You can bring them inside and make your own marquee, or you can place them behind a book shelf to add some diffused light. Also, don’t forget that since Spring is right around the corner you’ll need to spice up your patio/garden, so these lights always come in handy (don’t wanna dine in the dark!).

industrial lighting

5. Factory Light $279

We love this industrial light! It could certainly add a masculine/vintage vibe to your home. Thought it is a bit more pricey than the others, this could be an investment piece. Mix if with other modern pieces to achieve a sleek loft look.

origami light

6. Moth Origami Lampshade $132

Go big or go home! This shade is definitely a bold statement. Mind you, the intensity comes from its cool design and shape rather than the color, which is in a muted gradient grey. If you look closely, there’s also a bit of texture which will add to your overall decor.

As mentioned, some of these lights can be used as inspiration for a DIY project, but since they are pretty affordable, you could simply get them and use your energy to decide where to hang them.

Happy lighting!