Six Ice Hotels to See Before They Melt

created at: 12/27/2010

Twenty years ago, the Jukkasjarvi hotel in Sweden began accepting reservations. And twenty years ago, it melted. Then, nineteen years ago, it was back. 

Of course, the Jukkasjarvi hotel is made of ice. And while its the first and still the largest, there are lots of ice hotels this winter worthy of drool. Just don’t do it for too long, cause it might freeze.created at: 12/27/2010

“If you’re imagining simple igloos and snow caves, think again: Ice hotels are an extraordinary, otherworldly exercise in sculpture and design.

These frosty lodges are built entirely from ice and snow (and an occasional touch of steel framing), and many feature gourmet restaurants and traditional saunas. From Scandinavia to the States, and from Canada to Eastern Europe, here are six hotels that are cooler than ice cubes.”

Talk about flipping your pillow to get to the cool side…

Six Ice Hotels to See Before They Melt [Readymade]