On the Record – New-ish Music to Check Out, October 2010

created at: 10/01/2010

A fall friendly collection of five albums, totally worth your time.

created at: 10/01/2010

Hey Rosetta – Into Your Lungs (Sonic Records)

Canadians have been hip to this album since 2008, but its just been released in the U.S.

Track: New Goodbye  

Sunny and the SunsetsTomorrow is Alright [Fat Possum]

San Francisco songwriter Sonny Smith makes summer last a little longer with this swinging collection of acoustic guitars and Beach Boy harmonies.

Track: Too Young to Burn

Miniature Tigers – F O R T R E S S [Modern Art]

Brooklyn-based band psych-rock reminiscent of Dr. Dog and a funkier, folkier John Lennon tunes.

Track: Mansion of Misery

Jenny and Johnny – I’m Having Fun Now

Jenny Lewis and boyfriend Jonathan Rice made a record together. It’s not as good as any of Jenny’s solo work; as to Jonathan’s previous work…wait, who’s Jonathan Rice?

Track: Scissor Runner

Fol Chen – Part II: The New December [Asthmatic Kitty]

Playful, pulsing world-beat pop, perfect to accompany a monster craft session.

Track: In Ruins