The Best Pair of Socks You’ve Ever Owned

Your socks. You probably rarely think about them. They spend most of the day completely hidden. And yet, they can be the crucial ingredient that gets us through so many important moments: a brutal hike that seems to go nowhere but straight up, or a particularly harsh winter week where you feel so cold and wet you imagine you might never be able to be warm again.    

When you're a kid, you have your go-tos: your cotton tube socks, your black or blue “dress” socks for special occasions, and maybe some specialty pairs for your soccer or baseball team.

But once an adult, you realize there are more fabrics than cotton, more colors than white, and, like a proper grown-up, you can select your favorite combos or each. For me, what socks I choose in the morning often determines what day I'm going to have: do I select a thick wool pair to wear under my workboots for a day working on the house, or perhaps a thinner navy to go with leather shoes for a day of meetings?

These days, among the best in my drawer are anything made by FITS. If I could afford a pair for every day in between laundry loads, I'd totally do it. But, maybe because it's January, my current single go-to favorite is these rugby stripe ragg socks by Woolrich. I swear I have a better day just by having them on.

So, tell us, ManMakers: What's the best pair of socks you've ever owned. If possible, include a link to where we can find them so we can all check them out.