Why I’m Finally Starting A Skincare Routine

I usually don’t bother with the “new year, new me” mantras but after a long time of buying 3-in-1 shampoos and only wearing sunscreen at the beach, I decided I had to make a change. Maybe I’m getting older and starting to get crowfeet around my eyes, or maybe 2020 forced me to notice my skin a lot more. Either way, I realized a bar of soap isn’t enough and it was finally time to put some care into my skin.
So, instead of being the bar-of-soap guy that spends more time grooming his beard than focusing on the rest of my face, I took the plunge and tried out Lumin’s Complete Skincare Set. And while I hate to admit I was wrong all these years, I quickly realized this 3-minute routine was easy and already begun to pay off.

Seriously. It Only Takes Two Minutes.

The thing that always worried me about trying to adopt some kind of skincare “routine” is knowing that I am definitely lazy. These elaborate masks and 20 different serums I saw online looked daunting and I knew I wouldn’t keep it up, but Lumin’s skincare products made it all very simple to follow. Best of all, the entire routine took about 3 minutes. That’s essentially how long you’re brushing your teeth (please tell me you’re brushing your teeth).

The Charcoal Cleanser Digs Surprisingly Deep

Man rubbing product into skin

One of the things that I really appreciated about the No-Nonsense Charcoal Cleanser is that I could really feel it working. Not only did it stand out on my skin and froth up as I rubbed it in, but I could actually feel it digging up any dirt on my skin. After a minute or so, I just rinsed it off and already felt fresh.

The Moisturizing Balm Didn’t Leave My Skin Oily Or Sticky

Man rubbing moisturizer into skin

I’ve gotten used to needing some kind of lotion every now and then because my skin can really dry out in the winter and I’ll admit I was just using Jergens or regular drugstore hand lotion. I thought all moisturizers were the same but after using the Moisturizing Balm I realized I was very wrong. It helped reduce dry skin on my face and I noticed fewer flakes and—BONUS POINTS— it even worked moisturizing under my beard without making it feel oily or sticky.

Fighting Those Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

Lumin Skincare container

The highlight of the starter kit was definitely the Dark Circle Defense. I hate to admit it but I’ve definitely noticed that the circles under my eyes have grown over 2020, but I figured that was something that came with age. What was crazy that after using the Dark Circle Defense, I already started to notice those circles fade. I’m hoping it helps my 2021 resolution to not look as tired as I feel.

There’s Something For Every Type Of Skin

Product shot of Lumin Skincare Starter Pack

At the end of the day what starting a skincare routine made me realize is I couldn’t keep living off of drugstore products because everyone’s skin is so different. My skin is notoriously dry all the time, so I gravitated to the dry skin products. But if you have oily skin, Lumin also has the oily skin maintenance set you can try out.
Overall, I’m happy I made the change and I can feel it reflecting in my confidence. Let us know what changes you are making for 2021!

Lumin Skincare full starter pack