How To: Make a $2 Nautical Knotted Rope Bracelet

The sun is out, sleeves are getting short, and that means: it's time to update your look for the season.

We have created two easy DIY projects that will add a nautical touch to your wardrobe without breaking the bank or having to buy a boat. Learn how to make your own knotted bracelet and…come sail, uh, away?

Just in case you haven't noticed, nautical-inspired bracelets are the thing right now, but like with everything that's trendy, they can get pricey, but guess what? This DIY will cost you $2, maybe less! So you have no excuse to not look dapper for the season.

How To: Create a Nautical Inspired Bracelet, Part I


  • Nylon cord: 1 yard (available at any craft or hardware store)
  • Scissors

Make it:

1: Start by wrapping the cord around your wrist twice. Add 1 extra inch. Cut.

2: Fold in half. Tie a double figure 8 loop (“Bunny Ears”) right in the middle.

Nautical Bracelet

3: Tie an overhand knot where the loose ends meet, and a loop knot on the other end (same as overhand, just a bit of room for the loop).

4: Cut any excess cord (don't cut too close to the knot) and burn the ends with a lighter to prevent it from frilling. 

Nautical Bracelet DIY

That's it! You're ready to rock the boat. As an added bonus, you now can talk about knots like a true sailor.

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