Mar 28, 2016

Belt Driven - A New Kind of Bicycle

Belt Driven BikeOne of the worst parts of a bike is the chain. It's loud, greasy and has ruined quite a few pairs of my jeans. If you're looking for a better way, try a belt driven bike.   I found a great new Kickstarter a few days ago from a great company called priority coast bikes. Their new Beach cruiser is built for the sand and punishment of the coast, and it's already about 3x over the funding goal. That's likely because it's priced below $400, and if you live in an area where cruisers play then there are plenty of reasons to get in on the campaign. But the thing that I really noticed was the belt driven system. The belt looks a lot like what you see under the hood of your car, and it's a lot quieter than the average bike. Here's a look:Belt Driven

If you want to upgrade your current ride to the belt driven side of the world, I've heard great things about Gates - Carbon Drive Systems, take a look and see if they carry a system for you. They're not too cheap, but if you love your current bike, it could really be worth the upgrade.


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Rob on Mar 28, 2016:

Just an FYI, in order to have a belt drive on your bike, the frame must be belt drive compatible by having a way to get the belt through the rear triangle, such as a seatstay that is bolted together near the dropout, or dropouts that are removable. There is no way to "break" a belt as you can with a chain, so the frame must be "broken". All that being said, I have a belt drive commuter which I ride year round in Vancouver, BC, Canada, and it is a smooth and quiet after two winters as it was when it was brand new! Awesome system indeed.