60 Easy Woodworking Projects for Kids & Teens: Fun Wood Building Ideas for 10-12 Year Olds

Taking on projects are always more fun when they can be shared with your kids. But when it comes to woodworking, it is important to not only know how to properly use woodworking tools but how to safely accomplish the tasks at hand.

The good news is that when it comes to woodworking, there are more than a few projects that kids can get involved with safely. From bookshelves to coat racks, candy dispensers to playing tables and everything between. Here are 60 different woodworking projects that you and your kids can work on together today.

1.) Kids Playing Table

wooden play table for children
(Rain on a Tin Roof)

What better project to work on with your kids than a playing table? The great thing here is that the base is relatively simple: a square frame with wheels on the legs for easier mobility. What you do on top can be up to your kids’ personal tastes, you can get as creative as you want with it. The frame is a great place to let them build up their woodworking skills as it is simple and straightforward in its construction.

2.) Step Stool

small wooden step stool
(Her Toolbelt)

When they are younger, kids have a difficult time reaching things that adults think nothing of. So, if your child has a need to get to their toothbrush before bed or get to the high areas of the closet, what better way than with a step stool that they built? While this is far from the most comprehensive of items on the list, it is great because it can help kids learn how to make angled cuts and even how to apply a finish. The more comprehensive they want to get the better it can look.

3.) Growth Chart

wooden growth chart
(Made to Be a Momma)

Simplicity and practicality will go a long way when it comes to woodworking projects for kids. One of the simplest items there is on this list, a growth chart can help kids keep track of their growth as they get older while introducing them to woodworking. Simply engraving the different marks can be enough to get them learning how to properly use their tools. If they feel particularly strong about their skills, they can even etch the numbers in as well.

4.) Canopy Doll Bed

small wooden doll bed
(Build and Create Home)

Having kids means that they all have their own set of toys. For little girls (and some little boys), having dolls is a rite of passage. So, too, are the plethora of different accessories that go along with those dolls. Whether it means having dollhouses or creating ornate doll beds, this is a great opportunity for your kids to try out their woodworking skills. Whether the bed be basic or have more complicated cuts at the head and footboards, the possibility to grow those skills is here, allowing them to create fun accessories for their toys.

5.) Treasure Chest Toy Box

wooden treasure chest for kids
(Houseful of Handmade)

Your kids need a place to keep their toys, so why not get creative with it and help them store those toys in style? The great thing about a toy box is that it can be just about anything you can imagine, including a pirate treasure chest. The construction is surprisingly simple and can introduce them to using things like table and miter saws. They can even break out their art skill as they decorate the box with whatever design aspects they choose.

6.) Walking Blocks

wooden walking blocks

To create a fun woodworking project that your kids will enjoy, you can keep it as simple as you need. Take these walking blocks, for example. In this day and age where everything digital is at the touch of their fingertips, some wooden blocks can look a bit alien. But with a little practice and some woodworking ability, you can create a simple toy that will keep your kids busy for hours on end.

7.) Bird Feeder

wooden bird feeder
(Inner Child Fun)

Think back to how you got started with woodworking. There’s a pretty good chance that it involved a birdhouse or bird feeder of your own. So, why not pass that experience on to your own kids? Something like this has multiple benefits: it’s a great way to learn for your kids and results in tasty treats for the birds. If you enjoy seeing the different birds in your yard, this is a great project to help your kids with.

8.) Mobile Toy Box

wood toy box with wheels
(A Night Owl Blog)

If you have been looking for a way to introduce some organization into your child’s life, a toy box is a must. Giving them one that they can move around as they pick up is an even better option. Whether you go with the slatted wood option or something a bit more enclosed is up to you. Adding wheels to the bottom of the toy box is a simple exercise and one that will help to sharpen your child’s woodworking abilities.

9.) Toy Camera

wooden play camera for kids
(Purely Katie)

Not everything that you make has to have a practical use. Remember that these are kids and imagination can go a long way. So, while this may not be a real camera, the DIY play camera can be infinitely more fun. All it requires is some gluing and sticking to get started, though you can implement woodworking to make it as ornate as you want it to be. Throw in some paint and you can create the one-of-a-kind toy that they will treasure.

10.) Wood Sculptures

wood sculpture

What’s great about this project is that there is no right or wrong. If you want to teach your kids how to get acclimated to the various tools and techniques in woodworking, then there may be no better way than through wood sculptures. They can create whatever it is their imagination can conjure, creating different shapes and implementing different colors. The more time they put in, the more detailed they can make their sculptures.

11.) Ruler Basket

wooden file holder
(Kara’s Creative Place)

Helping kids stay organized is important for a lot of reasons. But instead of going to the store and buying some plain, boring plastic bins, let your kids get their creativity on. With a few rulers and pieces of wood, your kids can create a ruler basket in no time. Whatever their storage needs may be, they can add as many rulers as they need to make for a bigger option. A perfectly simple woodworking project that can introduce them to the basics of woodworking.

12.) Wooden Chairs

simple wooden chairs

It is important to remember that simplicity is the name of the game when it comes to woodworking. Making chairs might sound like this big, complicated endeavor but it doesn’t have to be. All it takes is one wooden block and they can work with the circular saw to create a very simple yet effective outdoor chair. As they learn and develop their skills, they can do more ornate and complicated cuts but this is a great starter.

13.) Family Sign

wooden family name sign
(One Crazy mom)

Another super simple project that can actually serve practical use around your home. Even better, you can use any scrap wood that you may have laying around the house to come up with a perfectly-crafted sign that suits your family’s style. With some basic woodworking skills and a little creativity, you can allow your kids to create the family sign that they think represents your little group the best.

14.) Textured Stamps

wooden textured stamps
(Mother Natured)

Arts and crafts are a big part of being a kid. You get to create anything you can think of with the litany of tools available to you. So, if you are looking to get your kid into woodworking, why not combine the two? By making DIY wooden texture stamps, they can a new go-to when it comes to arts and crafts time. It can start with basic lines and circles at first, moving into more complex shapes the more comfortable they get with woodworking.

15.) Bookend

wood bookend
(Pretty Handy Girl)

Close your eyes and point your finger and you will find a child that has a ton of books. But keeping those books in some form of organization can be a bit difficult. So, why not turn it into a woodworking project by creating a bookend with the first letter of their name? This one can get a bit more complicated and involves a bit of drilling.  A great way to introduce drilling while creating an attainable project for them to complete.

16.) Wooden Airplane

wooden airplane

This is one of those woodworking projects that you can go back decades and find kids working on them with their parents back then. The great thing is that it teaches a little more advanced woodworking and gives kids the freedom to make their plane as they want it. With contouring and angle cutting, it can give your kids a little better experience with the various tools used in woodworking while also teaching them somewhat advanced skills in the process.

17.) Dollhouse

small wooden dollhouse
(A Beautiful Mess)

This sort of piggybacks off of the doll bed mentioned earlier but can get as complex as you want it to be. Building a dollhouse can show your child the basics of woodworking while also imploring them to explore their imagination. The further they get into the project, the more that they will want to create. With enough time and skill, they can create their own little furniture and decorations for the dollhouse in no time at all.

18.) Raised Garden Bed

raised garden bed made of wood
(Fine Gardening)

This is a great opportunity for you to combine a few hobbies into one. Best of all, it is one of the simplest projects on the list. Building a raised garden bed can teach your kids the very basics of woodworking at a pace that works for them. Even better, it can bring you together in one way (woodworking) before coming together in another (gardening together).  It is a “Best of both worlds” situation that can open the door for gardening as well.

19.) Circle Shelf

circular hanging shelf
(New Blooming)

There is never a shortage of need when it comes to shelving. One of the simplest woodworking projects there is for kids involves creating shelving. So why not get a little creative with it and create a circle shelf that can hold some of their smaller toys and display their woodworking ability? With the basic skills will come the ability to make it a more complicated fixture, but learning how to cut out circles and drill holes are great skills to have.

20.) Tree Swing

wood tree swing
(The Merry Thought)

If you want to keep things super simple, there may not be a better option than a tree swing. With a wooden block, some rope, and some of the most basic woodworking skills there are, you can create a simple but effective swing that can go in the backyard. It is one of those projects that takes no time to complete so they can get to enjoy it in short order. This simple swing is the perfect woodworking project for kids.

21.) Rocketship Shelf

rocket ship shelf
(The Handyman’s Daughter)

Part of being a kid means having a room that is theme-decorated. Cowboys, an athlete, and an astronaut are some of the most common examples. For the latter, there is nothing quite as cool as having a rocket shelf to adorn your wall. The true beauty of something like this is that it can be as big or as small as you want it to be. Build something truly huge and immersive to test out skills and create a focal point for their bedroom that they can be proud of.

22.) “X” Coasters

coasters in the shape of an X

This might be the place to start if you have kids interested in woodworking that haven’t actually started. All it takes is the most basic of woodworking skills to create some basic “x” coasters that can be implemented anywhere in your home. These coasters will turn out to be extremely (yes, pun intended) helpful as they can go under cups and pots anywhere. You can practice with staining and finishing on these as well.

23.) Wooden Arrows

wooden arrows
(Cherished Bliss)

These are so popular that you will likely find these in any woodworking guide out there. They are simple enough that you can make wooden arrows with your kids or create your own to act as a nice complimentary design piece. This will teach your kids how to use a miter saw, making more precise cuts, while also practicing with staining and finishing. Though it is one of the simplest projects out there, a little creativity can take it a long way.

24.) Utensil Organizer

utensil organizer
(A Beautiful Mess)

This can work for both kitchen utensils or for art supplies if your kids partake in arts and crafts. Whatever the case, there is always a use for a utensil organizer. These can also be modified in any way that you see fit, but they make for a great, simple woodworking project. It involves a few minor cuts and some screwing to create a simple yet effective organizer. Paint it simply or involve some stains to get the look that you want.

25.) Mason Bee House

wooden beehouse
(Felt Magnet)

Not every amateur woodworking project has to be centered around birds. If you want to shake things up and try something different, why not a bee house instead? This type of house is tailored to mason bees, which are more natural pollinators, and can attract these beautiful creatures closer to being seen. Even better, the females will lay their eggs inside and can provide shelter and safety as they pollinate and grow.

26.) Balancing Board

wooden balance board

Think about how many times you have randomly seen your child balancing on one foot. That is the kind of thing that kids do. So why not challenge them with a balance board that they have created all on their own. It involves a few more complicated cuts to get the perfectly rounded underside but it makes for a great way to help them work on their balance while also partaking in athletic activity. It is the best of all worlds.

27.) Easy Tent

wooden tent for kids
(Jenna Burger)

Getting outside and enjoying the great outdoors is something that kids don’t quite get enough of these days. So, if you want your kid to spend a little more time outside while also testing their woodworking skills, creating a simple tent is the best of both worlds. With a few drill points, you can create a simple tent that will keep the sun off and provide basic shelter (though it probably isn’t the best to be sleeping in).

28.) Folding Camping Chair

folding camping chair made of wood
(Wood and Faulk)

Love camping? Anyone who has spent a good amount of time around the campfire knows that sometimes seating can be at a premium. But with a folding tripod chair, you can always ensure that there is seating to be had when you need it most. This one takes a little more skill than some of the other projects on the list, but can be a great way to develop their abilities while creating a cool, practical chair for them to take camping.

29.) Simple Boxes

wooden storage boxes

While going simple may not result in the most exciting of projects, there is nothing wrong with taking it slow and simple to start. This is why going with something like simple boxes is a great idea for beginner woodworkers and kids. Depending on what you have them create, they can even serve a purpose like being a faux candy holder. The goal is to have them hone their woodworking abilities at the beginning anyhow.

30.) DIY Workbench

kids wooden workbench
(Fix This Build That)

If your child is interested in woodworking, there is a good chance that they already have an interest in tools in some way. So, why not cater to that interest by having them build their very own DIY workbench to hold their tools and give them a space to work on their projects. The great news is that it is highly customizable. They can start with simple storage below and a flat workspace on top, getting more ornate as they go.

31.) Crayon Holder

wooden crayon holder
(Jaime Costiglio)

When you are done teaching your kids woodworking skills, they are going to have the most well-organized arts and crafts around. It is safe to say that your kids – any kids, really – have crayons somewhere in the house. Making a DIY crayon holder is a great way to teach them basic woodworking while also giving them the opportunity to learn basic engraving. It is a great project to teach them the basics while also allowing them to explore their creativity.

32.) Wooden Robot

wooden robot
(Adventure in a Box)

Take a look around your child’s bedroom and there is a fair chance that they have more toys than they know what to do with. So, instead of buying them more toys, why not give them the chance to make something that they really want to play with. By creating a wooden robot (or another kind of toy), you give them the opportunity to explore their creative side while also working on drilling, cutting, and gluing to develop their woodworking skills.

33.) Poster Frame

wooden picture frame
(The Handyman’s Daughter)

Another staple of any adolescent bedroom is going to be posters. Favorite athletes, movies, games, etc. are all a part of the décor. So, give them the opportunity to explore their woodworking skills by allowing them to create their own frame for their favorite poster. They can learn how to make angled cuts and how to properly build something simple yet effective.

34.) Wind Chimes

wooden windchimes

Another extremely common woodworking project for kids and for good reason. Creating a wind chime is as simple as it gets but allows gets to really get creative with it. You can use a variety of different wood types, add as many colors as you want, and even choose the different kinds of bells that you want to add for a totally immersive experience that will teach them some of the basic techniques of woodworking.

35.) Birdhouse

wooden birdhouse
(A Crafty Spoonful)

It was talked about briefly before but you didn’t think we would just pass this one up, did you? The birdhouse is almost a rite of passage when it comes to woodworking basics. Millions of adults learned how to create a birdhouse in garages and woodworking classes everywhere. This can be your opportunity to share a true introductory project in woodworking that will also function as a cool addition to your backyard.

36.) Board Game Storage

wooden board game storage
(Homemade by Carmona)

Another huge part of childhood, there is nothing quite like trying to get a board game going only to find the pieces scattered everywhere. With a miter saw and a little bit of teaching, your child can create the perfect storage option for their board game pieces.

37.) Bookshelf

simple wooden bookshelf
(The Handyman’s Daughter)

Right up there with a table and a birdhouse, the bookshelf is one of the premier woodworking options for beginners. It can not only provide ample storage space for your child’s things, but teach them the simple nature of building their own bookshelf from scratch. Keep it simple as a learning lesson or add more ornate design work as you see fit.

38.) Mini Catapult

mini catapult
(Felt Magnet)

Not everything has to serve some functional purpose. If anything, you should be focused on creating something cool in your woodworking lesson that will get them coming back for more. This basic wooden catapult is right along those lines. It takes one block, a popsicle stick, a clothespin, and some basic woodworking skills to make a cool little catapult.

39.) Lego Coat Rack

lego themed coat rack
(Erin Spain)

What kid doesn’t love legos? Well, what better way is there to combine their love of those little blocks with some burgeoning woodworking skills? By creating a Lego coat rack, you can give them a practical place to keep their coats while also creating one of the coolest pieces for their room that they will ever have. With drilling, sanding, and more involved, it is a great beginner’s lesson for them, too.

40.) Candy Dispenser

simple wooden candy dispenser
(Boys Life)

Kids love candy. It is just one of those simple rules of life. So, if you want to combine that love of candy with some woodworking skills, there is nothing quite like creating your own DIY candy dispenser. It requires some drilling and a few more complicated cuts to pull off but it can be a great beginner project that they will come to love.

41.) Family Tree Photo Clips

family tree photo clips
(The Saw Guy)

What better way to grow your child’s woodworking skills than by making a contribution that features the whole family? A family tree photo clip is pretty simple to pull off thanks to a few rough cuts and some clothespins.

42.) Simple Picture Frame

wooden picture frame
(Its Always Autumn)

There are more than a few simple traditional woodworking projects and right at the top of every list is going to be a picture frame. Not only is it a simple woodworking project, but it is also easy to create a frame in whatever color or style that you want. Another highly creative project for your kids to practice on.

43.) Hanging Planter

hanging planter
(Bigger Than the Three of Us)

Another common woodworking project but one that is a great starter for kids of any age. It is a little more complex than something like a picture frame, but a hanging planter is a great way to practice things like contouring and cutting radius’. Start with something basic and as your kids grow their skills, they can try out bigger and better.

44.) Reclaimed Wood Flag

reclaimed wood flag art
(Her Tool Belt)

The great thing about a project like this is that it can be adapted to anything you want. The concept is simple – it is a group of connected rectangular shapes. Whether it be the American flag, a state flag, or something else entirely, you and your kids can practice on reclaimed wood flags and develop their woodworking skills.

45.) Simple Snowman

wooden snowman decoration
(Lynnette Stephens)

When you have younger kids – oftentimes under 10 – there is a little more room for creativity and imagination to be had. When the holidays come around, making a super simple snowman is a great woodworking challenge to break out. They can also test their imagination by coming up with different scarves and decorations to add.

46.) Sofa Cupholder

wooden cup holder for sofa armrest
(A Beautiful Mess)

If you can find a woodworking project that works in a practical sense, all the better. This is one of those simple yet practical ideas that can make for a great woodworking project. A simple sofa cupholder should see regular use in any household. It also gives your kids the opportunity to test out their skills with a saw.

47.) Simple Wall Hook

wooden coat rack
(My Outdoor Plans)

This one may not be as cool or complex as the Lego hooks but they still serve a practical purpose and those end up being the most beneficial woodworking projects. A simple wall hook can serve a lot of practical uses while giving your kids the chance to work on their drilling and screwing skills. Simple but effective.

48.) Wooden Spoons

wooden spoon
(Suncatcher Studio)

A classic and with good reason. While it may be best to start out with simple straight cuts, it will eventually become time to start working on contours and radiuses. One of the simplest but most effective ways of teaching those skills is by making wooden spoons. Experiment with different styles and sizes to grow those woodworking skills.

49.) Bottle Vase

wooden bottle vase
(Nur Noch)

Some of these woodworking projects are going to look kind of similar to the simple arts and crafts projects that your kids would do in school. But that’s the great thing about woodworking: you can start as simple as you need. With a wooden bottle vase, kids can practice their drilling skills and even mess around with different-sized holes.

50.) Simple Address Sign

simple address sign
(Lovely Etc)

The best woodworking projects for kids are the ones that are simple but give them the ability to show off their creativity. And while an address sign may not be the most difficult project in the world, it gives them the chance to pull off a simple woodworking project while also implementing some of their imagination and creativity into the mix.

51.) Yard Dice

wooden toy dice

There’s a good chance that you have heard of Yahtzee before. Well, why not take it to a much bigger level? With a little bit of woodworking magic, you can create the famous game only play it in your backyard. Kids can make yard dice that are any style or color that they want, allowing them to flex their creative muscles as well.

52.) Giant Jenga

giant outdoor jenga
(The Idea Room)

In a similar vein to yard Yahtzee, this is another woodworking project that allows your kids to display their creative side while also creating another fun, classic game. Giant Jenga gives them a chance to work on making simple cuts but ones that are precise (as all the pieces need to fit in together).

53.) Wooden Star

wooden star decoration
(Queen Bee of Honeydos)

Starting with shapes is a great way to practice beginner woodworking skills. When your kids start to get a little more advanced in making their cuts, a wooden star is a great idea for them to work on. It involves cleaner, more precise cuts and they can even get a bit more advanced and cut the star into a frame as well.

54.) Bath Caddy

wooden bathtub caddy
(Lemon Thistle)

Want to give your kids some Mother’s/Father’s Day ideas? A bath caddy is a great suggestion. Not only does it serve a practical use for you, but it also makes for a simple yet confidence-building option for amateur woodworkers. They work on drilling and screwing as well as their staining talents.

55.) Mug Tree

wooden mug holder
(Shanty 2 Chic)

Storing coffee cups can take up a ton of room – unless you have a mug tree. But instead of spending money on one online or at the store, why not make it your next woodworking project instead? This can be as complex as you want it to be, with polished hooks, rounded edges, and tiered bases. Or you can keep it simple yet effective.

56.) Standalone Library

wooden neighborhood library

Books are one of the prominent parts of most childhood memories. But as any parent knows, keeping them in order can be a difficulty. This is why building a standalone library is a great woodworking project for kids. It just has to be a small structure, akin to a birdhouse, mounted to a pole to be effective yet stylish.

57.) Tie Fighter Bench

tie fighter bookshelf made of wood
(Ashley Grenon)

There are millions of Star Wars fans out there, many of whom are having children of their own. If you want to help your kids discover the magic of one of the most popular Sci-Fi franchises, what better way than through a woodworking project? Simple but awesomely cool, you can make your own Tie Fighter bench.

58.) Wooden Piggy Bank

wooden piggy bank
(Steved Good)

The great thing about woodworking is that you are only limited by your imagination. Before long, your kids will want to test their imagination and see what kind of projects they can come up with. A great, more advanced project, the wooden piggy bank allows kids to bring out their inner fairy tale.

59.) Star Puzzle

wooden star puzzle
(Home Fixated)

When it comes to the simple woodworking projects out there, you can certainly make up for it by getting more creative. This wood star puzzle allows for the best of both worlds. The stars can be as clean or artistic as you want them to be, making them in a variety of colors and styles.

60.) Bowling Set

outdoor wood bowling set
(Ashley Grenon)

When your kids create their own toys, they not only feel a sense of accomplishment but a sense of pride as well. There is nothing like making something and seeing the satisfaction in using it. Creating bowling pins and a bowling ball will test their skills but they can keep it a simple wooden look or bring their artistic side into play.