Spring Eats: How to Upgrade Your Homemade Nachos

NachosI happen to believe that every party gets better with a big plate of nachos. While the veggie platter is great, and bacon wrapped hot dogs are delish, there’s something excellent about a fully topped mound of chips that just can’t be beat. Here are 5 ways to make this excellent party staple a bit better.   The folks over at food 52 like to eat, and since I’m a fan as well, I find myself surfing their site often. They recently teamed up with Garden of Eatin’ to come up with 5 delicious ways to upgrade your nachos, and every one is worth doing. Adding a few different ingredients to any dish allows different flavors to really shine, and nachos is no exception. The article is full of plenty of new variations to try out at the next get-together.

So grab a big pot and start to layer up the goodness, and let us know what kind of toppings you throw onto your nacho party plate.