18 Men’s Style Quotes that Will Make You Want to Dress Better

Coco Channel is credited with a famous quote concerning women’s style and accessories: “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” It’s good advice, really, and easy to incorporate into many aspects of your life. But most men’s style tends towards the more simple, and for many of us, “taking one thing off” actually means we’d be short an item of clothing.  

So then, what are some good style maxims that the average guy can commit to memory to look his best?      

Men’s lifestyle site Airows has assembled a pretty solid collection of quotes, ranging from the theoretical to the aspirational to the practical. We’re not saying you should Stuart Smalley it and tape these to the mirror, but there’s some solid advice here, and a few worth copying down. They’ll certainly make you want to dress better. See them all at Airows.