Protect your Home from Mice This Winter without Breaking the Bank [Sponsored]

created at: 12/01/2014

Brought to you by Tomcat

You’d do almost anything to keep your home rodent­free… short of renovating it. Don’t worry about pulling out the big bucks to get rid of unwanted critters. Check out this list of cheap and effective tips to mice­proof your home this winter.

1. Steel Wool For a few dollars, you can use steel wool to quickly fill any holes and gaps in your home that might make a nice doorway for mice to crawl through.

2. Lidded Food Containers Protect your food source by using tightly sealed containers to store your food. Otherwise, mice are attracted to bits of food and will quickly alert others of its presence.

created at: 12/01/2014

3. Caulk Lines A damp environment is a welcome mat for mice. Use a caulk line to quickly fix leaks around tubs and sinks.

4. Bait and Trap ‘Em Keep a solid line of defense against mice and other critters with bait stations, glue traps and other solutions from Tomcat. Tomcat can help control rodents in your home according to your household needs and preferences.

created at: 12/01/2014

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