Note to Self…

created at: 03/19/2014A Note to Self: March 19, 2014:   

You don’t have to go out of town to take a break. Or rather, I don’t have to go out of town to take a break. 

Over the last six months, any time I’ve left town has always been filled with 1) an actual event that I spend all my time on, or 2) a break of sorts, but also always involved my laptop and working while I was away.

So, in the interest of practicing good self care, I set aside the latter half of this week to rest. This spring and summer are shaping up to be quite full of big events, and I haven’t really been “off” since summer. So, for the rest of the week: no plans, no agenda, just rest. The only thing I know is gonna happen is plenty of bike riding, and lots of reading while lying on the sofa. Other than that, I have no idea what the days will bring.

And that’s the point. I’ll see you on Monday. 

Photo from the ManMadeDIY Instagram account.