Weekend Project: How to Make a Floating Wood Slab Bedside Table

Nothing beats a big old chunk of wood. Fine joinery and glue-ups are great, but I'll take a solid slab any day. Sometimes, it's nice to be in awe of craftsmanship. But sometimes, it's nice to just be in awe of nature.   

Matt from Wood & Faulk came up with this clever way to showcase some live edge walnut slabs: floating bedside tables. They're attached to the wall with a bit of copper pipe and pocket screws, so they stay light while looking substantial at the same time. 

Nice, right? The biggest challenge is sourcing the wood. After that some measuring and sanding, a bit of pipe work, and you're off. Get the full how-to from Matt: 

Walnut Slab Bedside Tables [WoodandFaulk.com]