Take the Quiz: How Creative Are You?

created at: 11/06/2013

Growing up, we (well, at least I) learned that creativity was a facet of one’s artistic talent: if you can sing or draw or make up good stories, you were creative, and encouraged to develop it. But, thankfully, we’ve learned that creativity is more than just a “one size fits all” kinda thing, and more than just your ability to use a pencil to make realistic looking objects or even solve problems.

A new article published in journal Behavior Research Methods proposes a new way of measuring creativity: through associating a verb with a noun. “A verb’s creativity level is determined by gauging its unusualness, which researchers figured out by using a statistical technique called latent semantic analysis. The analysis involves taking a chunk of “English language text and statistically [determining] how substitutable one word is for another…”

The Huffington Post has a feature article on the test, and an quick excerpt you can use to test your own. Give it a shot, and come back and let us know how you did.

I got a 17, but shant tell you my answers so as to not influence your experience. Check it out: How Creative Are You? (QUIZ) [Huffington Post]