DIY Idea: Make a Minimal Wooden Lamp

ModelWorks Lamp

Striking simplicity! This ModelWorks Lamp is perfect for your desk, as a gift, and even as a DIY challenge.

ModelWorks is a line of Scandinavian designed goods that has some awesome objects for the home – all within the traditional scandinavian minimalism that has made this region a hot spot for trend spotting for DIY’ers and home decor lovers.

This lamp is the perfect addition to your holiday shopping list, it’s design is so clean and simple, you can be 100% sure that your friends will love it (no matter what kind of space they have).

Now, if you want this for your own space, you can get if for around $150 bucks, which yes, it’s kind of steep for a lamp, but then again it’s handmade and there’s a whole team working behind this item. If your budget is tight though, you can always DIY it.

Taking inspiration from this piece, you could get yourself a block of wood, an extension cord, a hole saw to cut the recess and insert the bulb and cord and…that’s about it! 

Another advantage of DIY’ing it is that you can paint it any color you want – perhaps just dip it in black or white to preserve the minimal look, also allowing you to use an inexpensive wood. 

You should definitely look around their store for more delightful inspiration, and why not? Snatch a few of their goodies!