Inspired by Nature: KUSA Grass Flip Flops

KUSA Grass Flip Flops

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, then along comes a grassy pair of flip flops that will make you feel like an urban flower child.

The KUSA Grass Flip Flops are a niche product, but one that’s pretty clever if you ask me. Have you noticed how many people love walking barefoot on grass? Perhaps when we were children that was nothing out of the ordinary, but as we all have moved into our beautiful glass houses, built on top of modern concrete jungles, the grass may no longer be as accessible. 

While digging a bit more about this product, I found out that the grass is actually turf, so no to be honest I was concern of ending up with a warm, mushy, green mess under your feet.

If you’re already getting tingly at the idea of having your feet hugged by grass, then head over to their site where you can purchase a pair or two (just in case you end up mowing one of them).

KUSA Grass Flip Flops via Wantcy