A Self-Sustaining Tree House Community in Costa Rica

Inside the rain forests of Costa Rica, there’s an entire “neighborhood” of tree houses… a full community complete with a cafe, community center, and, oh yeah: a network of zip lines, which residents use to move among the tree top properties.    The community is called Finca Bellavista, and My Modern Met calls it a “a pioneering, off-the-grid, self-sustaining tree house community. Founded by couple Erica and Matt Hogan back in 2006 as a way to save a large portion of rainforest, Finca Bellavista has transformed into an ever growing commune with 27 separate tree house style structures and more planned for construction.” 

And…you can visit and stay. And I will. Oh, buddy, I will. Learn more at My Modern Met and DesignBoom: 

finca bellavista: a sustainable treehouse community, costa rica